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Insta360 Go FPV mode 5-minute recording now on Android; drone racing champ loves it

Insta360 Go on Newbeedrone Beebrain Brushless tiny whoop drone
Insta360 Go on my 65mm Newbeedrone Beebrain Brushless tiny whoop drone

Insta360 has updated the Insta360 Go app for Android to add the new FPV mode with recording time of up to 5 minutes.  The FPV mode was recently added to iOS and I’m glad to see it’s now available on the Android app as well.

Insta360 Go (reviewed here) is the world’s smallest stabilized 1080p camera.  It weighs just 20 grams, which makes it ideal for applications that require the lightest cameras, including racing and freestyle drones, called FPV drones because they have built-in cameras that enable the pilot to use headsets to see from the drone’s point of view.  While FPV cameras enable a pilot to see, they are not optimized for capturing cinematic shots.  The view is similar to a webcam from two decades ago.  Here’s a sample video that I shot while practicing how to flip and roll on an FPV drone:

The traditional solution for FPV pilots to capture cinematic video was to attach a GoPro Hero or Session camera.  A GoPro Session is compact and seems very light at just 74 grams, but to a drone that often weighs 200 grams or less, even the GoPro Session represents a substantial weight, and a GoPro Hero is even heavier.

The Insta360 Go, on the other hand, weighs just 20 grams.  And now it can record for 5 minutes (which is longer than a majority of freestyle quads can fly on each battery).  That makes the Insta360 Go ideal for FPV.

One of the Insta360 Go’s fans is Nurk FPV, the 2018 world champion of Drone Racing League.  Here’s his review of the Insta360 Go, which he says is “one of my favorite HD cameras of all time”:

I hope to see even more FPV pilots start using the Insta360 Go.  If you’d like to know more about the Insta360 Go, check out my review.  If you want to know more about FPV drones, I created a page for beginners called Basic FPV.

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