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Insta360 One R firmware and app update adds MP4 mode for 4K wide module, Airpods compatibility, and other improvements

Insta360 One R: 30 features and disadvantages
Insta360 One R: 30 features and disadvantages

Insta360 One R (reviewed here) got a major update that added several features including an MP4 mode for the 4K wide module (i.e., no need to convert the .insv file), Apple Airpods compatibility, and other improvements  with app version 1.2.1 and firmware 1.1.10.  Here is a list of improvements.


1 – MP4 mode.  With the 4K wide angle mod, you can now choose “Basic” stabilization instead of Flowstate, and the file will be saved as an mp4 file instead of an .insv file.  You’ll be able to upload it to social media or edit it in any editor.  However, Flowstate has several advantages.  First, the stabilization will be smoother.  Second, you can change the stabilization mode from Flowstate to Direction Lock (forward facing stabilization).  Third, you can change the aspect ratio after shooting.  Nonetheless, if you prefer the convenience of saving direct to mp4, you now have that option.

2 – 24fps / 25fps framerate: many video creators prefer to shoot at a cinematic 24 fps, and with the updated firmware you can now do so.

3 – Audio quality with the 3.5mm mic adapter has improved, and there is now support for using Airpods as a wireless microphone.

4 – Faster startup: startup time is now much faster (around twice as fast, if not faster).

5 – You can now apply the default LUT color to log video.  Log video gives creators greater flexibility in adjusting the colors of the video.  However, it is not so easy to grade a log mode video.  By making the default LUT available, you won’t have to take a risk if you have a video editor that can apply LUTs.  Just shoot in log mode and apply the default LUT as a starting point.  You can download the LUT here.

6 – One R is now “more stable, crashes less often and runs smoother.”

7 –  Microphone audio quality has improved.  There are now additional options for “Voice Boost” and “Wind Intense” in the wind noise reduction menu in the camera’s settings screen.

8 – You can now save 360 video with H.264 encoding instead of H.265.  H.264 encoding is less processor intensive and is compatible with more video editors.

9 – For long exposure shots, screen brightness is now dimmed automatically when shutter speed is set higher than 5s.  This ensures that the screen light does not affect the exposure.

10 – You can now switch FOVs of Night Shot photos when shooting with the 4K mod.

11 – The Vertical Battery Base is now supported.  This could be a sign that the dive case for the 360 mod is ready soon.

12 – Fixes dropped frames when shooting 4K@60fps with the 4K wide-angle mod or the 1-inch wide-angle mod.

13 – Fixes the screen flicker when the camera is set to maximum brightness.

APP IMPROVEMENTS  (only in the iOS app for now).

14 – You can apply the default LUT to log mode videos.

15 – You can now update remote control firmware via the app.

16 –  You can now apply 1/2 speed with the Stop Motion effect.

The Android app was updated to add features that were added to the iOS app a few weeks ago, such as a 2.35 aspect ratio, and an extra wide “POV+” option for the 4K mod.


The Insta360 Studio desktop app was also updated to fix some issues: first, the Premiere Pro plugin now works on Mac computers.  Second, it fixed the issue where transition animations were reset after dragging keyframes. Third, it fixed an “issue where the speed sometimes changed when scrolling with a mouse on Windows.”

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