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Insta360 posts new sample video from its epic new 360 camera, the Insta360 ONE

new sample from Insta360's new camera
new sample from Insta360’s new camera

Insta360 posted a new teaser video for its new 360 camera launching on August 28!  Update: here is the new Insta360 ONE.

A couple of weeks ago, Insta360 announced that it would be launching a new 360 camera on August 28. The teaser video showed a bullet-time effect, leading many to wonder how it was done. (Here’s how I made a bullet time video.)

Now Insta360 has released a new teaser video for its new camera, this time featuring a wingsuit.  Here’s the new teaser video:

The new teaser video appears to confirm several of my predictions for the new 360 camera:

– The video appears to show gyro stabilization, just like the previous video.
– As with the previous teaser video, stitching appears flawless.
– The sun’s glare on a portion of the video appears to confirm that the camera will have two lenses.
– Unlike the previous teaser video which was at 720p, this one is at 1080p.  It shows excellent level of detail.

The new camera is only a few days away!  Be sure to check back here on August 28!  In the meantime, you can sign up to be notified on Insta360’s website.

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  • B&H description different…interesting in other ways and for consistent features; HDR 24mp stills….
    The Insta360 One is a high-resolution 360 action camera designed to hover above you while tethered to a special included wire. You can stand at the top of a mountain or anywhere else and have the Insta360 One move in a circle a several feet above your head as you hold the wire, giving you a comprehensive 360 view from above that is already stitched in-camera and delivered in up to Ultra HD 4K resolution at up to 120 fps.
    The Insta360 One also captures 24MP still images and is capable of 360 live streaming to destinations like Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope.
    To provide you with a smoother image, the camera features internal 6-axis image stabilization, which allows for more stable capture, highly enhancing immersive 360 video.
    The main recording modes of the Insta360 One are Free Capture mode, Object Tracking mode, and Bullet Time mode.
    An SD card slot is provided for direct in-camera storage, and an 8GB card is included to get you recording right out of the box. An iOS app is also included that allows you to operate many functions of the camera remotely. The camera connects to the app via built-in Bluetooth. A variety of other accessories are also available separately, such as a waterproof case and bike/helmet mounts.
    Among the connections, the camera offers a Lighting output that allows for fast transfers of your captured videos and photos. A 1/4″-20 threaded mounting hole is available on the bottom for attaching the Insta360 One to selfie sticks and other supports.
    Key Features
    Designed to hover overhead while tethered to a special wire and capture immersive 360 shots
    Up to Ultra HD 4K resolution video recording at up to 120 fps
    24MP still image capture
    360 live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and other destinations
    Internal 6-axis image stabilization
    SD card slot (8GB card included)
    Bluetooth connectivity to included remote iOS mobile app
    Lightning connector for fast video/photo transfers
    1/4″-20 threaded mounting hole on the bottom
    Time-lapse recording
    Free Capture mode
    Bullet Time mode
    Object Tracking mode
    HDR Photo support