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Insta360’s next camera: 6 facts, including WHEN it will be announced

Insta360's next camera: 6 facts
Insta360’s next camera: 6 facts

Insta360 will be releasing a new camera a bit sooner than I expected! Here are 6 facts about Insta360’s next camera, including WHEN it will be announced.

Last week, I went to China for the launch of the Kandao Qoocam 8K (hands-on preview here).  I was impressed with the Qoocam 8K and was fortunate to have the chance to try it out in a private session with Kandao CEO Dan Chen.  But in addition to being able to try the Qoocam 8K, I also received confidential information about Insta360’s next camera.

Insta360 is one of the leading companies in the 360 industry and their Insta360 One X (reviewed here) is the most popular 360 camera in the market (based on Amazon sales rank).  However, the One X is already more than a year old, which, for the fast-moving 360 camera industry, is practically a generation.  Insta360 fans have long anticipated the next version of the One X.  Surprisingly, Insta360 did not announce any new cameras in September or October, for the first time in its history.

But I received information from a very reliable source that Insta360 is indeed about to release a new camera.  In this video, I talk about 6 facts that were disclosed to me about the new camera, including when it would be announced.

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  • So what do you think Mic, if you were a betting man, would you guess that the Kandao our upcoming Insta cam is going to be better? Insta360 has a pretty good reputation with the One X, but those specs on the new QooCam seem hard to beat.

  • Really looking forward to seeing this new Insta360 camera.

    I too was able to check out the Qoocam 8K hands-on at the Tokyo Inter Bee event last week. Great specs but a few (significant) drawbacks for me:

    My main impressions:
    1. Heavy!
    2. The touchscreen was quite unresponsive.
    3. It’s quite thick and generated a lot of heat.

    Unless Insta360’s quality takes a nosedive, I imagine their new camera should be more appealing than the Qoocam 8K.

  • Good thing I didn’t order the GoPro Max! My Hero 7 Black was plagued with issues and couldn’t convince myself the Max wouldn’t be the same despite the overall positive reviews. Now I am very glad I did not go for it. Hopefully Insta360 make it very competitive with the Max cost wise and competitive with Qoocam spec wise.

  • Dying for an update man! Haha… Recieve your Qoocam 8k yet? Anymore info on insta360 making an announcement? I feel like I need to put it on my calandar- ha!

    • Hey there Rocco! Sorry, they haven’t sent it yet. I asked Hugh and he said he hasn’t gotten it either. Kandao keeps delaying.

      Sorry, no new info on insta360.