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DEALS: Get 5% discount code on the Kandao Qoocam!

Kandao Qoocam discount code
Kandao Qoocam discount code

Get a 5% discount on Kandao Qoocam (reviewed here), the first 360 camera that converts into a 3D 180 camera, and the first 360 camera with depth mapping capability!  Here’s the link.  Also, find out about a new 3D feature that may be added to Qoocam

Many 360 shooters are interested in 3D 360 because it provides much greater immersiveness.  In fact, one of the most common questions I get is whether you can put two 360 cameras side by side to shoot in 3D 360.  (The answer is “sort of,” although the result won’t be very good.)  The truth is that  for most people 3D 360 is a little challenging.  An easier alternative is 3D 180, which is simpler to shoot and edit.  On the other hand, 3D 180 stabilization is not as good as the stabilization from a 360 camera.

That’s the reason I love Qoocam — it lets you shoot either in 3D 180 for immersiveness or in 360 for stabilization.  Kandao went further and added other capabilities, notably depth mapping, which makes 3D effects possible:

In fact, 3D photos are getting renewed attention with the launch of Facebook 3D photos feature for iPhones equipped with depth sensors:

Qocoam’s 6DOF effects and Facebook 3D photos both use depth maps, and so Kandao is working on a way to use its depth-mapped photos for Facebook 3D photos.  Hopefully, Kandao will indeed be able to add this new feature for Qoocam.  In the meantime, if you want to get 5% off the Qoocam, here again is the link.

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