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Kandao Qoocam gets DNG Raw mode and DNG8 mode: how does it compare?

Kandao Qoocam hands-on review
Kandao Qoocam hands-on

Kandao updated the Kandao Qoocam app to add DNG Raw mode and an exclusive 8-shot HDR DNG Raw mode called DNG8.

Kandao Qoocam (first impressions here) is a recently released 360 camera that converts into a 3D 180 (VR180) camera.  It offers excellent stabilization and new features such as depth mapping, which enables it to simulate 6DOF photos.

Now, Qoocam is adding DNG capability.  Moreover, it will feature a unique HDR raw mode called DNG8.  DNG8 mode is an HDR mode that combines 8 exposures shot in DNG Raw.  Usually, with HDR, you can only take photos of still subjects or else there will be ghosting.  However, with Kandao’s Raw+ software, you’ll be able to choose any single exposure as the basis of the final photo while combining the dynamic range from all 8 shots, thus avoiding blur.

How does DNG8 mode compare to the Raw mode of other popular cameras, such as GoPro Fusion, Insta360 One, and Xiaomi Mi Sphere? Here’s a comparison by my friend Hugh from CreatorUp!

The Qoocam’s DNG8 mode is indeed incredible, although personally I find the Fusion’s Raw mode to be the most pleasant and natural-looking.  Moreover, Qoocam’s photo resolution, at just 4320 x 2160, is significantly lower than its competitors.  Furthermore, Kandao’s Raw+ software is also compatible with Mi Sphere and the Insta360 One.  I’ll try to compare them and process them through Raw+.

How about you? What do you think of the results?  Let me know in the comments!  BTW, Insta360 is releasing a camera next week, which may or may not have Raw mode as well.

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  • Kandao Qoocam: very impressive result in the syde-by-side test, despite 4K resolution.
    Image quality is more important than resolution…

    • thanks Giorgio. i think the choice is, 4K with wide dynamic range (qoocam) or 18mp with a bit less wide dynamic range (fusion). and then of course we need to see the new insta360.

  • Hey, I have the Qoocam- while I do see the DNG+Jpeg option, I’m not seeing this 8-shot raw mode anywhere. How do you do a burst shot?

    • Nevermind, I figured it out… kind of sucks that you can only select the mode from within the app, while connected to the app. Connecting the phone to the camera is such a pain, I can’t see myself doing it ever. Wish the DNG8 mode would stick as the photo mode when not connected to the app.

  • Quote from your text “DNG8 mode is an HDR mode that combines 8 exposures shot in DNG Raw”
    The way you describe this means 8 exposures, which is bracketing, – 0.2 – 0.15 -0.1 – 0.05 0 +0.5 +1 +1.5.These are 8 exposures. Is this correct? Is this how the DNG8 works? 1 burst, 8 images with 8 different exposures you can combine togheter?

    • Hi Steve. No they are all the same exposure. Kandao Raw+ uses an advanced form of median stacking to remove noise