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Kodak’s new 360 camera is a rebranded Cupola360

At NAB Show 2019, Kodak announced a new 360 camera with 6 lenses and 4K video resolution with realtime stitching.   Check out the photos above by my friend Naoto Somese.  The camera appears to be a rebranded Cupola360.

Kodak’s website doesn’t have info yet on the new camera but here is a product video of Cupola360:

And here is a link to Cupola360 sample photos and videos.

Why Kodak is releasing this camera under their own brand is unclear, particularly given that they already have the Kodak Orbit 360, which is also a 4K camera, plus two cameras that are in the works: the hybrid 360 and VR180 Kodak Pivot, and a compact 8K 360 camera, which were both shown at CES 2018 and CES 2019.  I certainly hope that they’re not abandoning the Pivot or the 8K camera.

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