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NCTech cancels iris360 Pro; will focus on iStar Pulsar

NCTech iris360 Pro
NCTech iris360 Pro

NCTech announced today that it would not pursue production of the iris360 Pro, and they will instead focus on the iStar Pulsar.

The iris360 Pro would have been the successor to the iris360, and would have been capable of shooting at 90mp resolution, with a mind-boggling 27EV dynamic range in HDR mode.  According to NCTech, there were thousands of customers interested in the iris360 Pro.  Unfortunately, NCTech deemed the sensors insufficiently reliable and made the painful decision to cancel it.


Instead, NCTech will focus on the iStar Pulsar, which is also a professional 360 camera, and can take 50mp photos.  The Pulsar has two variants – the Fusion Lite with a 5-shot HDR mode, and the Fusion which can shoot at up to 9-shot HDR with 27EV dynamic range.  According to NCTech, iStar will be released soon.

NCTech also hinted that it is developing “3D technology products” that would “meet the needs of those awaiting the iris360 Pro but at a fraction of the price.”

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