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New sample video from Z Cam S1 6k 360 camera shows low light performance

There’s a new sample video for the Z Cam S1, a 360 camera that captures at 6k @ 30fps or 4k @ 60fps.  The new sample video shows the performance in low light and the smooth stitching at close range.

The previous sample from the Z Cam S1 showed impressive detail, but was recorded in daylight conditions.  It left open the question of how the S1 performs in more challenging situations.

The new video demonstrates precisely that.  Here’s the video:

Despite the low light, the video looks detailed, for objects both near and far from the camera.

The stitching looks very smooth except for the shooter’s arm at the nadir, which is understandable because it was at very close range to the lens.

The video was captured in fully automatic mode and was stitched with Z Cam’s own software, which is still under development.

The Z Cam S1 is available for preorder via Indiegogo.  Please note that the camera price does not include the stitching software.

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