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Oops! GoPro gives props to a viral Insta360 video

GoPro gives props to Insta360 video
GoPro gives props to Insta360 video

GoPro gave props to a viral TikTok video that turned out to be shot with an Insta360 One X2.

Mark Harrison created a TikTok video to “prove” that the earth was not flat, by shooting a tiny planet video from the top of the Swiss alps.  The video got over 1.3M views in the past couple of weeks:

@marklharrisonReply to @ronniemoore530 PROOF! I went to the top of the Swiss alps to show that the earth is round. #flatearthdebunked #flatearth #sarcasm 😏♬ original sound – Mark Harrison

The official GoPro account dropped in on the video to give it some love: “This finally proves it.  Mission accomplished 🤝,” the GoPro account said.  The comment was liked by more than 9000 people.   However, it turned out that the video was shot with an Insta360 camera, as Mark pointed out to GoPro.

GoPro's comment, and Mark's reply
GoPro’s comment, and Mark’s reply

Mark cheekily rubbed it in, in a separate TikTok video:

@marklharrisonReply to @gopro Yes, mission accomplished…but not with your 360 camera 😅🙈. I gotta give camera credit where it’s due…to @insta360_official 🤜🤛♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Well, GoPro at least you didn’t share Mark’s video…  😀  Happy Friday!

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