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Pilot Era firmware update adds time lapse feature, increased framerate

Pilot Era (reviewed here) just got another firmware update (version 4.8.0).  The new firmware adds Time Lapse.  It also adds other features:

1. New mode: time lapse
2. Street View mode can now use slower framerates of 1fps and 2fps.
3. Realtime stitching 4k resolution framerate increased from 24fps to 30fps (PilotSteady must be on).
4. 4K and 2K video stitching optimized.
5. Fixed bug re upload progress.

Pilot Era firmware 4.8 adds new features
Pilot Era firmware 4.8 adds new features

The pace at which Pilot Era posts updates has been very impressive.  The most recent one before this was only a couple of weeks ago.  Fortunately for users, its firmware updates are incredibly easy OTA updates.  You simply connect the Pilot Era to your Wi-Fi, tap on some icons and the firmware gets downloaded.   No messing with USB cables or Micro SD cards.  This is one of the reasons Pilot Era earned my recommendation for Practicality / Convenience in the 360 Camera Buying Guide.