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Project Cambria leaked and unboxed; to be called Meta Quest Pro

Project Cambria leaked and unboxed

Meta’s next VR headset, codenamed Project Cambria, was leaked and unboxed a month ahead of its expected release at Meta Connect on October 11.

The unboxing was posted by “Zectariuz Gaming” on Facebook and has since been posted elsewhere.  The headset was allegedly left at a hotel where it was discovered.   It appears to be genuine and closely resembles the silhouette of Project Cambria previously shown by Meta.

Project Cambria

The unboxing appears to have a package that is very close to retail, except that it has a sticker that says, “Engineering sample not for resale.” The box says that it will be called “Meta Quest Pro.”


Meta has described Project Cambria as an advanced VR headset that will have mixed reality capabilities using a high resolution color passthrough cameras to enable it to project virtual objects anywhere in your environment.  It is also expected to have face-tracking and eye-tracking features.

Cambria or Meta Quest Pro is conceptually similar to the Varjo XR, an enterprise VR headset that costs EUR 6,495 and requires a EUR 1,495 annual subscription.  Meta has said that Cambria will cost much more than the popular Quest 2.  I’m hoping it will be under $1,500.

Project Cambria Preview - Mixed Reality with Presence Platform

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