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Will there be a GoPro MAX 2 on September 14?

Will there be a GoPro MAX 2 on September 14?
Will there be a GoPro MAX 2 on September 14?

GoPro is releasing new products tomorrow September 14.  Will GoPro MAX 2 be one of them?

GoPro MAX (reviewed here) is one of the best 360 cameras in the market.  It was the first to offer a single-lens shooting mode, and has an easily detachable lens protector that in my opinion remains one of the best lens protector designs.

Max was released in 2019, and people have been waiting for its successor.  GoPro is launching new products tomorrow.  Will the MAX be one of them?

GoPro posted a teaser trailer for their product launch.  The teaser appears to show two cameras: the GoPro Hero 11 and the new Hero Mini.

GoPro: 11

The Hero 11 is expected to have a new sensor and its Quik software is expected to add a feature to automatically select highlight clips from your video.  Hero Mini appears to be a half-sized GoPro Hero camera with no front or rear screen.  It could be useful for situations where you don’t really need a screen, such as for POV shots or FPV drone videos (although GoPro already released Hero 10 Bones).  We don’t know the Mini it will have the same sensor as the Hero 11 or will use the sensor from the Hero 10.

What’s not mentioned or hinted anywhere is a GoPro MAX successor.  There have been many rumors about a Max 2, but none of them amounted to anything more than wishful thinking or speculation.  In my Insta360 X3 review, I said I don’t expect a Max 2 in the immediate future and some people accused me of bias against GoPro.  (I’m actually a fan of both Fusion and Max, and I keep saying that Max has one of the best video quality for 360 cameras.)  Even though it appears we won’t see a Max 2 tomorrow, GoPro has said that they will continue selling 360 cameras.  We could see an update to the Quik app to enable automatic reframing for Max and possibly Fusion.

Stay tuned for the premiere on September 14, 6am PT / 9am ET:

GoPro: 11

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  • So does that mean that the GoPro Max 2 won’t come out at all this year or just not yet? GoPro said they would be releasing four new cameras this year. They’ve released three.

    • I don’t think they said they would produce four new cameras. They just said they would have four product LINES. So those are Hero, Hero Mini, Hero Bones, and Max. (The 2 previous product lines were Hero and Max. The 2 new product lines are Bones and Mini.)

      • No not specifically but with them updating every other camera This year I guess I wasn’t asked to assume the Max would follow as well.

  • I assume gopro will eventually update the max, but nothing says it will be a massive update. It may be like going from the One X2 to the X3. Gopro is the last company I expect to release any prosumer stuff with large sensors. They have clung to the 1/2.3″ sensor for freaking ever only finally going to a larger sensor in the 11 when there was no other possible thing to improve.

    We see phones that can do 8k, its just a matter of time before we get 360 that can do 8k. Its really worth it as I have the older Gopro Omni that actually can do 8k video and it really is a step up from cameras out now like the Insta One inch 360 thing that I also have. It would be nice to get rid of the Omni, but it still is ideal for fixed position 360 shots. You can pick that rig up on ebay for $250, which is what I did. Its mind blowing to see those rigs selling with 6 gopro cameras in the rig. That is probably the best used cameras deal there is out there. You need to get a copy of the AutoPano Video software to make it work well. There are other options like ptgui and some others that you can toil over stitching every frame and all. And there is some janky free stuff that can stitch 6 gopros. Plus the seams are a bit painful if anything is really close.

    • Yes at one point i bought a gopro omni but the autopano license didn’t work so I returned it. It would be cool to have an omni that uses Hero 11 Mini. It could have 16k resolution I think.

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