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Playstation VR2 pre-orders have begun: is it too expensive?

Playstation VR2 preorders have begun

Playstation VR2 is scheduled for release in February 2023, but meanwhile Sony has already sent out invitations to pre-order to those who have registered.  But is it PSVR2 too expensive?

You need to register to receive the pre-order invitation
You need to register to receive the pre-order invitation

To receive the invitation to preorder, you must have registered.  Be sure to check your email because the invitation to preorder expires on November 18.   Assuming you’re not just buying to scalp it, you also need to have a PS5 to use it.

Playstation VR2 will be $549 for the hardware alone, or $599 for the bundle that includes Horizon Call of the Mountain, the VR sequel to Horizon Forbidden West.

I’ve read several commentators balking at PSVR2’s price and I’d have to disagree with them.  Many people have been spoiled by Meta Quest 2’s price which had been as low as $299.  Compared to that, $549 is indeed expensive.  But what people are forgetting is that Quest 2’s price was heavily subsidized by Meta because they wanted to make money from your data.  When their ability to do that was restricted, they were forced to raise the price to $399 and up.

In fact, Meta used to sell Oculus for Enterprise, which did not attempt to track users’ data.  Although it was identical to the Quest 2 in hardware, it cost $800, plus $180 per year.  THAT’s the normal, unsubsidized price.  Consider also that Playstation VR2 has arguably more advanced hardware, and the $599 starts looking quite reasonable.

Should you order the PSVR2 or get the Quest 2 instead?  In my opinion, that will depend on whether you’re a console gamer, a PC gamer, or just someone who wants to try VR.  If you’re a console gamer then PSVR2 is your best option.  Although Quest 2 can be used as a desktop VR headset, you’ll probably find it too inconvenient to turn on your PC and launch the games from there.  And if you’re a PC gamer, the Quest 2 has much better value.  If you are someone who wants to just try VR, then Quest 2’s ability to be used as a totally wireless, standalone device makes it a much better choice than PSVR2.

If you already have a Quest 2 or other VR headset, then you’ll have to decide whether PSVR2’s exclusives will be worth getting the price of a PSVR2 and a PS5.  I’ll post a review of PSVR2 when I get it in February.

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  • I think ps could can make more interesting making games a lot or order it to make more and more, but they make some games and sell their vr… I think this will be last vr headset… Without game something like battlefield, call of duty in vr here will not be future… When people talk and there wow effect so will be interested people who even non interesting in vr))

  • I hope the PS5 will get better capability with media in order to view my 360 degrees videos on the headset.

    With that said if it allows for playing full GT7 in VR it is definitely worth it.