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Revive developer Rescues Rift from Google Earth VR’s exclusivity!

One good ironic turn deserves another…
Just hours after Earth VR’s release, however, who comes to Oculus Rift’s rescue but CrossVR — the kickass developer who created the Revive compatibility layer to enable the HTC Vive to run Oculus Rift games!  The same developer who Oculus at one point tried to hinder by using a hardware check to prevent Revive from working.  The same develeoper who had been criticized by some Oculus Rift users for creating Revive. And now the developer who has opened Earth VR to frustrated Oculus Rift users (including me)!
CrossVR posted the patched executable but he also provided instructions for anyone to patch it themselves:
  1. Go to
  2. Click Open file and browse to the main executable of Google Earth VR (Earth.exe)
  3. In the top, in the “Go To” field enter 0x72520.
  4. Click the number ’84’ that is now selected in the bottom-left and type in the number ’88’ to replace it.
  5. Click Export and save your patched executable somewhere.
  6. Now replace the original executable with your patched version (In your Steam library open the properties of Google Earth VR and click Local Files > Browse Local Files… and replace with the patched Earth.exe)
Update: /u/Shockfire7 created a DLL that doesn’t require patching the original file, and will probably continue to work even if Google updates Google Earth.  I tried it out with my Oculus Rift and it worked!