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Ricoh Theta adds Wireless LAN mode: how and why to use it

Ricoh Theta V 360 Camera
Ricoh Theta V

Ricoh updated the Theta S app to add a new wireless LAN mode for the Ricoh Theta V (I don’t know yet if it also works for Theta S).  This means that the Theta V can connect to a network, and any phone that is connected to the same network will be able to control the Theta V.

A wireless LAN connection has several advantages compared to a direct wireless connection between the Theta and the phone:

– If you want to upload a photo or video from the Theta, you can do so directly, without having to reconnect your phone to a different network.

– The maximum range of the Theta could be increased.  Rather than being limited to the maximum range of the Theta’s internal antenna, the Theta can be controlled throughout the coverage area of the wireless network.

– In the future, it may be possible to stream wirelessly from the Theta through the wireless network.  Currently, Theta can only stream via a USB connection to a desktop, although Ricoh plans to add wireless streaming.  If the Theta is wirelessly connected directly to the phone, then the streaming broadcast must be through the phone’s LTE connection, which may be limited in some areas.  Instead, with a wireless LAN mode, the Theta can stream through the wireless network’s internet connection while remaining wirelessly connected to the phone.

Here is a tutorial for using the new wireless LAN mode.

The app update is for both the iOS and Android versions of the app. For more information on the Theta V, check out my detailed review.