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RUMOR: Madventure 360 camera will have live streaming in January

Madventure 360
Madventure 360

Madventure 360 is a redesigned version of the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere. Until now, what I’ve been told is that the hardware and features are the same as those for the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere. But it appears that it will have live streaming, a feature that is not yet available on the Mi Sphere.

MadV, the team that designed the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere, launched the Madventure 360 camera, which was intended to be offered in markets where the Mi Sphere was not yet being sold.   It contrast to the Mi Sphere’s austere black finish, the Madventure has a distinctive bright orange color and a name that is easier to remember for western buyers.

For existing and prospective buyers of the Mi Sphere, there has been some confusion over whether the Madventure is an improved version of the Mi Sphere.  Until now, what I’ve been told is that the Madventure has the same hardware, but it may have different software from the Mi Sphere.

It appears that Madventure will have live streaming, a feature that is not yet available on the Mi Sphere.  This was disclosed on Veer’s blog.  Veer also said that the Madventure would be available on Amazon in January.


madventure 360 will have live streaming
According to Veer, Madventure 360 will have live streaming

It is not yet clear whether live streaming will also eventually be added to the Mi Sphere.  Currently, Madventure is available for preorder from Gearbest for around $435, around $200 more than cost of a Mi Sphere.  Although Madventure does include additional accessories, those accessories alone would not account for the price difference.  This implies to me that Madventure will indeed have additional features, and live streaming could be one of the exclusive features.  What do you think?  If live streaming were exclusively for Madventure, would that make you prefer Madventure or Mi Sphere?

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  • I have successfully upgraded my Misphere with the last firmware supplied through the Madventure app, and the Madventure app also works nicely with my Misphere…
    So.. i am hoping that ant Madventure feature will also work on my Misphere.

      • Hi Mic Ty,

        can you please try to figure out, why the newest Madventure app on Android can’t connect anymore to the camera ?
        Thanks for your help

      • Yes, that was my intention 😊
        From what I understand from this page ( ) the firmware is identical (so far) for both cameras. So I suspect they are the same HW, except for the color of LED’s (blue vs orange)
        The only thing needed is to change the wifi name in the camera. (Tip: insert some extra letters inside the first four letters… THEN you can delete and change the first letter to “Q”).
        And after this conversion, the Misphere app still works with the canera as well 😊

        • I am not able to edit the first 4 letters on my Android phone. I finally tried using my iPad, and that worked. However, even after updating the wifi to start with QJXJ- and connecting to it, my Android Madventure app refuses to connect to the camera (it still shows the same message to connect to a ‘QJXJ-‘ wifi, which I have). The iPad can connect to it (running the iPhone app), but I don’t have an option to increase the video resolution to true 4K. I also can’t update the firmware using the MadVenture app, since my iPad doesn’t have cell data, and I can’t connect to a standard wifi network and my Mi Sphere at the same time.

          In any case, I hope my Mi Sphere will get live streaming abilities soon after MadVenture versions do, assuming the hardware is actually the same.

          • I successfully hav had both madv app and misphere working on my android phone.
            But after last update (on the app and Mi firmware) I could not logon with the Madv app (asking the QJ..).
            I did not succeed too with the android app, but I did with the iOs one.
            Now (again) on the android phone I can log on both apps (after changing the QJ..)

  • I have a Mi sphere and for now I am quite satisfied with the possibilities that it offers (especially if we consider the price)
    A few days after purchasing the MiSphere, MadAdventure was put on the market. At the beginning I was disappointed because I thought there was a major improvement but then I realized that the only different thing was the color.
    Now I do not think that adding live streaming can make me change my mind, especially if this improvement costs $ 200 more. I could think of reselling my MiSphere to buy a MadAdventure only if there were other improvements (video quality, stitching, audio and so on). Currently I continue to consider the MiSphere a great VR cam at a great price, especially suitable for those who try for the first time this type of shooting

    • Hi Marco. Yes i would agree. So far, the core functionality such as the photo and video quality seems to be identical.
      Best regards,

  • Hello.

    Is anyone aware of a waterproof case for the Xiaomi Mi Sphere / Madventure and where to buy it? And I mean a proper hard plastic diving case (similar to the one available for the Insta360 One), not one of those plastic “bags” for phones etc. as recommended on some site. Are there any rumors about when such a case may become available… would be a huge plus for the camera.

    Thank you!