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Sphericam issues refund to Kickstarter backers

Sphericam issues refund to backers
Sphericam issues refund to backers

Sphericam announced that it will be refunding the contributions to its Sphericam 2 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Sphericam 2 is a professional 360 camera with 4K video @ 60fps (later upgraded to 6K), and 12K photos with raw  format support. It was successfully crowdfunded on July 30, 2015, raising over $450,000 from 482 backers.

However, yesterday, Sphericam announced that due to uncertainties in securing contracts for required components, they have decided to refund the backers’ contributions. It’s not clear whether Sphericam will continue to produce the Sphericam 2 through alternative funding sources.

Meanwhile, Sphericam is also working on the Beast, a professional 360 camera with  four huge 1-inch sensors, and can capture 6K video @ 60fps in 10-bit raw format.

Thank you very much to Sven Neuhaus for sharing this information!

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  • Hi,
    after my experience with VRDL360 (it looks, that the money is gone) i will never again support a project on Indiegogo. The idea ist good, but it seems that is to easy to make money with nothing. Panono is another example, great camera but only a few backers got one.
    Kind Regards