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Sample video from Detu F4, a 360 camera with 6k video resolution

The Detu F4 is a spherical camera that is capable of 6k resolution (6500 x 3250 @ 24 fps).  Tech vlogger Steve Shew got one and posted a sample. Check it out!

It seems that the F4’s final specs are a little different from previously reported specs.  The available video resolutions in the release sample are: 6500×3250 24fps, 4096×2048 30fps, or 3840×1920 60fps.

Steve uploaded the F4 sample video to YouTube in 4k, so it doesn’t reflect the original resolution, but it still looks quite detailed.  On the other hand, it appears that the video from the four lenses aren’t perfectly synchronized.  Hopefully, the software can be updated to synchronize the videos for better stitching.