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Insta360’s new camera partially shown in teaser video

Insta360's new camera
Insta360’s new camera

Insta360 posted their teaser video for their new camera.   The teaser video seems to show a shadow of the new camera, giving clues about its size and to some extent, its shape.

As announced yesterday, Insta360 is launching a new 360 camera on August 28.  Insta360 posted a teaser video showing a “bullet time” effect which showcased the new camera’s high-speed video feature and gave clues about its other characteristics.  In addition, the teaser video seems to show a shadow of the camera, confirming that it is a compact camera.

Here is the full video:

Even though the camera itself is not visible in the video, you can see in the video what seems to be the shadow of the camera.

Insta360's new camera
Insta360’s new camera

It’s hard to tell just from the screenshot, but if you watch the video carefully, you can see how it rotates around the models, and is not just a shadow of a random object.  Its shadow is also somewhat visible in the second scene with confetti if you watch the movement of the shadow in the video.

In the opening scene and the scene with the boat, the flare from the sun shows the stitch line, which seems to bisect the video cleanly, confirming that the camera has two lenses.

Do you notice anything else about the teaser video?  What do you think of the camera so far?  Post your observations and thoughts in the comments below!  Thank you very much to Tamas Cser for bringing this video to my attention!  For more observations and predictions about the new camera, please check the post yesterday and to stay updated, please subscribe!

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  • With so many new 360 cameras “due” to come out, it’s nice to have an actual release date from a company. Fusion, Yi 360, Theta 4k… let’s hear yours.

  • Funny with all this speculations about how it’s done 🙂
    Mic, I think you have right regarding spinning the camera in a string around the vrist on the first three scenes (beach with smoke, beach with confetti and urban spin because the hand is not moving on the mail model, but in the last one on the boat you can clearly see that he’s turning his hand/vrist around wich probably means that in that scene he’s using a stick like I did in my test. Can’t wait to hear how they really did it because it’s a new idea of how to use 360 video in a fun and interesting way. BTW This discussion remembers me of a joke: A blind man with his guide dog enters a shop. The blind man bends down and grab the dog by the hind legs and start spinning around. A clerk appears and asks the blind man if he needs help. The blind man say’s…”no, its OK, I’m just looking around…