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Ricoh Theta X adds wireless 4K 360 live streaming

Theta X wireless 360 live streaming

Ricoh Theta X can now live stream 360 video in 4K resolution thanks to a new, updated plugin.


Ricoh Theta X ($799, reviewed here) is a new 360 camera with amazingly detailed videos and photos.  It is also the most affordable 360 camera to have stabilized video with no stitching needed, a feature that previously had been available only on cameras costing $1800 or more.  Moreover, cameras that had realtime stitching with stabilization were limited to 4K.  The Theta X is the first 360 camera to offer 5.7K realtime stitching with stabilization.

How to install

With Theta X’s launch, Ricoh has now added wireless 360 live streaming at up to 4K 30fps.  To use wireless live streaming, you’ll need the updated live streaming plugin, free from the Theta Plugin Store.   To install the plugin, swipe left from the Theta X main screen to reveal the Plugin screen, then on the top row, tap on the icon on the left to connect to the Plugin store.  You’ll be prompted to connect the Theta X to your Wi-Fi network.  Once connected, you should see the available plugins for Theta X, including the Wireless Plugin.  Tap on it to install it.

Another way to install the plugin is to use the desktop Theta app.  From your browser, go to the plugin’s page, click on “Install.”  You’ll be prompted to launch the Theta desktop app.  Once the desktop app is launched, you need to connect your Theta X to your PC or Mac via USB Type C.   Once the camera is connected, click OK on the dialog box.

Theta desktop app plugin dialogue box
Theta desktop app plugin dialogue box

How to use wireless live streaming

Theta X wireless live streaming uses RTMP.   You’ll need to create a live steram session using Facebook, YouTube or other social media.  When you create a live stream session, you’ll get a server URL and a unique Stream name/key.

From the Theta X main screen, swipe left to reveal the plugins, then tap on the Wireless Live Stream plugin.  In the dialogue box, you need to input the Server URL and Stream Name/Key.  Then choose your preferred resolution.  When you are ready, click on the “Start Streaming” button.

Theta X wireless live streaming options
Theta X wireless live streaming options

Where to buy

Theta X is available on Amazon and B&H Photo.  Here’s how you can get a discount on B&H Photo.

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