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Transform your 360 videos with Insta360 Studio, a free 360 photo and video editor

Insta360 Studio is a free software that enables you to view 360 photos and videos, and edit 360 videos.  It’s available for both Windows and Mac OS X.


The software is from Insta360, makers of the Insta360 4k and the Nano cameras.  However, it can also be used for photos and videos taken by other 360 cameras as long as they’re in standard equirectangular .jpg or .mp4 format.  In addition to jpg and mp4, Studio can also read Insta360’s proprietary .INSP 360 photo and .INSV 360 video format.
When viewing photos or videos, you can switch from a regular 360 view, or a little planet view.  In either view, you can use the mouse to drag the view to a different perspective.
You can also use Studio to edit videos (but not photos), transforming them into different perspectives.  In this sense, it has a similar function to mobile apps such as Rollworld, which are not yet available for Android.  However, Studio offers multiple transformations and more sophisticated transformation controls.
When editing, you’ll be shown a timeline of the video.  You can then add any number of keyframes along the timeline.  At each keyframe, you can choose the particular perspective that you want.  Studio will then transition from one keyframe perspective to the next.  You can also change the transition pace by clicking on the line between a keyframe.  You can then export the video in mp4 format.Here’s a sample video (from the Insta360 Nano) edited with the Studio

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  • Hi Mic Ty, My computer is blocking the download of Insta360 Studio as potentially harmful. because website has been known to distribute malware and could be potentially dangerous software. Did you have the warning and what has your experience been? Thanks

  • cool… but my insta360studio is not working i have to convert the video into mp4 first then i can open it in insta360studio however, the video is not in pano, the pano and recorder buttons are disabled… something wrong iguess…Do u have an idea?

  • cool… but my insta360studio is not working i have to convert the video into mp4 first then i can open it in insta360studio however, the video is not in pano, the pano and recorder buttons are disabled… something wrong iguess…Do u have an idea?

    • Hi Encep. Sorry for the very delayed response. I just saw your comment now. Anyway, I tried it just now with a Keymission 360 file and it works. It's likely that your video is not in a 2:1 ratio which is why Insta360 Studio grayed out the recorder.

      Best regards,

  • Hello,
    i'm trying to open JPG file on insta360 studio but i'm getting this massage :
    File corrupted or does not exist. Remove the file from the file list?
    how can i fix it ?

    • I have the same problem with a 360 video in mp4 format.
      Sorry to say this, but there is something fishy about this program..

      • Hi Juan. A lot of people have used this program, not just me, and we didn’t have that problem. So I think the program works. But if you don’t want to use it, you can try rollworld for iOS.

        Best regards,

    • Hi Jonatans. Sorry for the delayed reply. I have not seen that message before. Maybe the file was moved from its original location? How about trying to drag and drop the file into the program?

      Best regards,

    • Need to export the file 1st on to your desktop before using the program. I have the same problem when trying to open files directly from the phone or camera. After playing with different ways, I found out this is the only way to avoid that particular error.

  • Hello Mic Ty

    Is there any way to export images from the samsung gear 360 with max resolution? first i stitch it in gear 360 director and then i imported to insta360, but i can´t export the image in very high quality. Only in print screen. Same with video.

    Thank you for the info.

    • Hi Juan. On Insta360 Studio, try to click on the Recorder tab. You should be able to export in high resolution.

  • Hi,do you now any other software that has an option to record as done by 360studio? Can the same kind projection and movement be done by a mobile app?

    • Hi Partha. Check out Insta360 ONE and its FreeCapture feature. You can also try Rollworld (iOS) which can do a little of what Insta360 Studio can do.

      Best regards,

  • Hi Mic,
    i can open a pano-jpg and convert it to a Little Planet, thats working perfect. But the only way to save the pic is to use the Screenshot-Button under the picture. The right side (Export to Photo) is complete grey, no changes possible. Any idea?
    Thanks a lot

  • Had high hopes for editing the 360° videos taken with my Mi Sphere camera, but I find it’s impossible to export the video once edited. The button is labeled “Export To” and then gives a selection of “Finished” or “Unfinished.” In either case I get this: “Error message: videoPipeline (6)”

    I’ve tried everything I can think of, and can’t find a solution to this problem.

    Thanks for any help!

      • 3.40 gigahertz Intel Core i7, 32 gb ram. I can’t imagine that my computer is not up to the task. I don’t understand why my export settings are different than the ones shown in your screenshot.

        Thanks for replying!


      • Wow, what a surprise…it is suddenly working (exporting video). I don’t know what I did differently, but I’m happy I can use this software now.

        Thanks again for your replies!

        • Duke Marsh, I’m having the same error message upon “Export to”. It starts to export and then says “Error message : videoPipeline (6)” and stops the export. Did you have to save a project or re-open the program? Not sure what your PC did to “fix” this, but I’d love to know. Also, I don’t see the “Dissolve” option when capture function is engaged. I’d like to add some transition effects, but not sure if this is included in the most up to date version (currently: 2.12.1)

          • I’ll try to record my workflow the next time I make a video using Insta360 Studio and report the results. I haven’t used it a while….

  • I’m trying to use FreeCapture on 120fps footage, but I keep receiving an error message: “Does not support preview of 120fps. Please export to view.” How can I fix this to preserve the .insv file and still be able to use FreeCapture on my slo-mo footage?

    • Hi TJ. Is the 120fps bullet time video? If yes, then you can’t free capture it. It has a fixed hemispherical view.

      Best regards,

  • Hi Mic
    Question, I have done multiple property 360 vids, when i export I only want the view of the room/property not me, but each time i export i always get the view facing me rather than the outward view. how can i change this pls?

    • Hi Mo. Not sure if i understand, but you can use crystal ball view or some other view and drag the screen to change the view so you’re not in it. Then you press the camera icon to export that view.