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The most useful feature of 360 cameras is NOT the 360 view or the stabilization

3rd person view of a thrill ride from a 360 camera

The most useful feature of 360 cameras is not the 360 view or even the amazing stabilization, but their unique capability to capture a 3rd person view, providing a perspective that is not possible on any other camera.  Here’s a video that illustrates this point:

360 cameras have many advantages over a smartphone or action cam, such as the 360 view which means you’ll never miss the shot.  They also have the best stabilization available and can level the horizon without loss of image quality.  However, they have one unique capability that no other type of camera has, which is a third person perspective.

When 360 cameras are on a selfie stick that is slimmer than the 360 camera, the selfie stick becomes invisible, which enables the 360 camera to appear like an invisible flying camera.  This lets you capture a 3rd person view, as though someone else were taking a video of you.

This lets you see you and your family and friends, and your reactions.  More importantly, it lets you forget about the camera and focus on what you’re doing.  In this ride, I wasn’t thinking about making sure I got the right angle.  I just held the camera and selfie stick in my hand and enjoyed the ride.  That’s why I bring a 360 camera with me anywhere I want to shoot a video.

One thing I wanted to point out also is that part of this video is unstabilized (I turned off the stabilization).  Yet the video is still fun to watch.  This emphasizes the point that the 3rd person view capability is even more useful than its stabilization.

If you are new to 360 cameras and want to consider buying one, check out my buying guide here.

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  • Good video but I wonder why I can’t have such result with any old 360 cam who doesn’t have any stabilization. Here, your video is quite stable, while mine would be all jittery.

    • Hi Remy that is due to stabilization. 3rd person view is hard to use without stabilization. In my case, I was able to use it without stabilization because I held the camera firmly and made sure it didn’t move, so it was almost like on a tripod.