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Add hotspots to virtual tours quickly with Kuula’s Fast Hotspot feature

How to add hotspots to virtual tours quickly on Kuula
How to add hotspots to virtual tours quickly on Kuula

You can now add hotspots very quickly to Kuula virtual tours with their new Fast Hotspot feature.  Check out the tutorial and demo.

Normally, adding hotspots to virtual tours can be a chore.  Kuula is a web-based virtual tour software that makes creating customized virtual tours fast and easy.  Their newest feature is the Fast Hotspot, which is not only intuitive but also very fast and dare I say fun.  You simply drag the thumbnail of a location to the part of the photo where you want the hotspot to appear.   Here’s a tutorial for the new feature (skip to 01:28) :

If you’d like to try creating a tour with this feature, you can download the assets here (only for personal use – please do not upload anywhere else).  If you want an easy tutorial for Kuula, check out this tutorial.

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