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Insta360 One R virtual tour with Matterport coming soon; Matterport sees explosive growth in virtual tours (10% off + bonus)

Insta360 One R virtual tour adds Matterport
Insta360 One R virtual tour with Matterport

Insta360 One R (reviewed here) will soon be compatible with Matterport.  In other news, Matterport revealed that they have had explosive growth in virtual tours in 2020.  To celebrate the launch of Insta360 One R’s Matterport capability, there’s a special discount on the Insta360 One R Virtual Tour package.  Details below.

Insta360 One R is a modular 360 camera known for its 360 video capabilities but it is also surprisingly capable for virtual tours, with features such as a 9-shot HDR in Raw.  Now it has another much-sought feature for virtual tours: compatibility with Matterport.

Matterport virtual tour walkthrough
Matterport virtual tour walkthrough

Matterport is arguably the gold standard of virtual tours.  They were the first to offer 3D virtual tours where users could not only look around in 360 but could move within the space through a flying 3D transition that has become known as the “Matterport effect.”   Matterport virtually tours are also equally famous for their 3D dollhouse view.

Matterport dollhouse view
Matterport dollhouse view


With the lockdown, many real estate agents have turned to virtual tours as a way of showing properties.  Matterport’s Vice President of Marketing Indy Sen reported explosive growth after the lockdown began in March in the U.S.

  • between March 2 and August 16, 2020, there was a 106% increase in models created per week. 
  • After the lockdowns began in mid-March, views of Matterport’s top 100 most-viewed virtual tours were up 100% compared to the previous week. 
  • Redfin, one of Matterport’s leading partners, saw a 353% increase in Matterport virtual tours created in March, along with a 500% increase in video home tours in one week.
  • Zillow reported a 191% increase in the creation of virtual tours in one week.

Matterport virtual tours differ from conventional virtual tours because the client can move through the space, so they get a better sense of how spaces in a property relate to each other, which makes it easier for them to buy properties, even sight unseen.  For example, in the past three months, Jay Akcer of the Real Estate by Design Group has used Matterport virtual tours to sell more homes sight unseen in the past 3 months than in all of 2019.


Originally, Matterport’s 3D effects were made possible because the spaces were captured with Matterport cameras equipped with depth sensors, which each cost over $3000.  But in the last year, Matterport has added support for some 360 cameras and iPhones.  360 cameras are not only more affordable but they can also capture a space faster than a traditional Matterport scanning camera. The latest 360 camera to add Matterport support is the Insta360 One R, which is $479 for the Twin Edition.

Using the Insta360 One R with Matterport is straightforward.  You will just need to update the firmware for One R (to be available in October) and install the Matteport Capture app for iOS or Android.   I will update this post when the firmware becomes available.   Here’s a sample of a Matterport tour shot with the One R.

If you are considering whether to get the Insta360 One R or another 360 camera for virtual tours, check out this video:


To celebrate the launch of the new feature, Insta360 is offering 10% off the Insta360 ONE R Virtual Tour Kit, plus 2 months free with the Matterport Starter plan using this affiliate link.  The One R Virtual Tour Kit includes the ONE R 360 Edition, Invisible Selfie Stick, All-Purpose Tripod, and 32GB MicroSD card.   Regularly $490, you can get this complete kit with everything you need for $440, which is less than the cost of the Twin Edition.  This special offer is only for a limited time.

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