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Insta360 One R for Virtual Tours: 8 advantages + 4 disadvantages

Insta360 One R for virtual tours: 8 strengths + 4 weaknesses
Insta360 One R for virtual tours: 8 strengths + 4 weaknesses

Is the Insta360 One R a good camera for virtual tours?  In this video, we’ll take a no-holds-barred look at the One R for virtual tours!  Here are 8 advantages and 4 disadvantages of the One R for virtual tours, and a comparison against other popular 360 cameras for virtual tours.  Here’s the video:

8 Advantages of the Insta360 One R for virtual tours

Should you buy the One R for Virtual Tours?

The One R is one of the best 360 cameras for virtual tours.  If you want a camera that is easy to use, and you don’t want to spend $999 for the Theta Z1, then I recommend the One R.  Among 360 cameras that are easy to use, it has better image quality thanks largely to its 9-shot HDR with JPG plus Raw.  However, to get the full potential of the One R, it needs to be edited with the right technique.

If, on the other hand, your top priority is image quality, there are a few other cameras that have better quality than the One R.  If you want image quality regardless of ease of use, I recommend the XPhase or a DSLR.  If you want high quality but you have a limited budget and are willing to learn shooting and editing techniques, you can get better quality from the Mi Sphere.  Also check out my detailed virtual tour camera comparison.

Special Offer

If you’d like to get the One R, there’s a special offer from Insta360 for the Virtual Tour Kit, which has everything you need to get started with virtual tours, including the One R with 360 mod (for 360 photos and videos), the Invisible Selfie Stick monopod, a multipurpose tripod, and a 32GB Micro SD card.  For a very limited time, you can get a 10% discount on the Virtual Tour Kit, plus 2 months free of Matterport Starter Pack with this special link.

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  • I had bought a theta V because of the “ease of use” but found that the connectivity was a disaster. It kept disconnecting everytimg I did a different task. I like what I’m seeing about the Insta 360 1 R, but I’m nervous about the stitching. How does that work? The Theta produced stitched photos. I’m using this for 360 tours which will be incorporating 360 videos.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Jim! Yes I agree it is a bit difficult to connect Wi-Fi with Theta cameras. I will post a tutorial for One R’s workflow.

  • I need a camera for 360 tours including video. I tried the Theta V, but it was too painful to maintain a connection via WiFi which made it a pain to deal with. It also did not have HDR unless I installed a plugin, but that plugin did not produce .jpg files. The 360 1 R looks good, but none of the reviews talks about the workflow. If I have to stitch every photo, it sounds like a lot of work with 50 or more shots per tour.

    Is there any review that shows the full workflow on this?

    • Hi Jim. Theta V does have built-in HDR. But yes I agree about the difficulty of connecting to its Wi-Fi. I’ll post a tutorial for One R.

      Best regards,