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Black Friday 2019: Virtual Tour discounts (cameras, courses, and virtual tour platforms)

Virtual Tour Black Friday Deals 2019
Virtual Tour Black Friday Deals 2019

Now could be the best time to start a virtual tour business or hobby, with Black Friday sales for virtual tour photographers, including cameras, courses, and virtual tour platforms.  I’ll update this post as more virtual tour deals become available.

1. Insta360 One X Real Estate Kit is 15% off and has a bonus free battery for Black Friday!  This kit includes all the equipment you need to shoot virtual tours.  It includes the Insta360 One X, the most popular 360 camera at the moment, which can capture HDR 360 photos, and stitch and fuse them in the mobile or desktop app, true Raw DNG shooting and stitching, and full manual exposure.  The kit also includes the invisible selfie stick, a multipurpose tripod, a 32GB Micro SD card, and for Black Friday, also includes a free extra battery.

Insta360 One X has full integration with some virtual tour platforms including Google Street View, Matterport Capture (for iOS) and iStaging, and can connect directly to their mobile apps.  With Google Street View, you can upload one or more photos directly to Street View.  Alternatively, you can capture and upload a 360 video, and Google Street View can automatically convert it to a connected virtual tour.

One X also has full integration with virtual tour apps such as Matterport.  Matterport used to require a scanning camera that costs more than $3,000.  Now, you can use the Insta360 One X to shoot and upload a series of 360 photos to their app, which their servers will convert to a virtual tour with a flythrough effect.  There’s no need to add hotspots.  Their software will do it for you.  Check out this sample Matterport virtual tour shot with Insta360 One X by Jeff Nitschke:

Here is a tutorial for using Insta360 One X with Matterport:

2. Ben Claremont’s Virtual Tour Pro has a Black Friday sale, with 20% off.  The sale is only on Black Friday, and you’ll need to use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY.  Virtual Tour Pro is a complete course for virtual tour photographers, teaching everything from how to shoot and create virtual tours, and how to get clients.

Here is a sample excerpt from the course:

3. Kuula.co, a popular online virtual tour platform, is 20% off for Black Friday with this link.  Kuula.co is a way of sharing your 360 photos and can also be used to host and share virtual tours.  For a monthly or annual fee, you’ll be able to host an unlimited number of virtual tours, making it an economical choice for virtual tour shooters.  Kuula also has special effects, including a simulated flythrough transition.  Kuula also supports floorplans for navigation. Here is a tutorial for Kuula:

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