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Black Friday 2020 deals for Insta360 (with EXCLUSIVE bonus for 360 Rumors readers)

Black Friday 2020 deals for 360 cameras and VR
Black Friday 2020 deals for 360 cameras and VR

Black Friday is almost here!  Even though Thanksgiving isn’t going to be the same, at least the traditional deals on Black Friday are going to make our holidays a little more fun.  This post will be updated as I find more deals.


Exclusive Bonus! Get a FREE extra battery on top of the free selfie stick or battery if you use my One R links!

Insta360 One R Twin Edition: $407 (regularly $479; $72 discount)

Insta360 One R Expert Edition Ultimate Kit $645 (regularly $789.96; $144 discount).  Includes: 360 mod, 1-inch mod, One R selfie stick, Micro SD card.

Insta360 Pro 2: $4,499 ($500 off; regularly $4,999)

There is no sale on the Insta360 One X2.

New item!  Insta360 One R invisible drone by BetaFPV.  Find out more here.


Several Insta360 accessories are on sale for about 10% off, except the Insta360 One X dive case, which is 40% off.  Note: The One X dive case can’t be used for One X2.

Apple Airpods Pro – $169 on Walmart.  Airpods can be used as a wireless microphone for Insta360 One R or Insta360 One X2.

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  • Just letting you know that I want to give you the money through your affiliate link because i love your videos on youtube. And I wanted to get the free battery and selfie stick. But when I used your link for the expert bundle with the 360 and 1″ mod, I used a credit card and Insta360 flagged my purchase. Now it’s been pending since black friday and it’s cyber monday right now. The reason why it’s still pending is because their e-commerce team wants me to send them a picture of my photo ID AND my credit card. Um…No. And I talked about this on reddit and a facebook group. This purchase is legit and I can see my order in my account on the official Insta360 website. Not sure why they need photos of my personal information sent in an email. That’s not secure. But now I have to cancel this order and buy through B&H or somewhere else. Anyways, just letting you know it’s a huge hassle when you use a credit card with them. And now you’ll lose your affiliate cut. Thought I would mention this so you would know you’re losing $$$. There are other people on reddit mentioning affiliate links using credit cards are having issues. Exact same issue of requesting the ID and CC photos. Weird request.

    • Thanks Barbara. I really appreciate your support. I’ll let insta360 know about this issue. In China, they don’t have any privacy so they might not be aware that asking for a photo of someone’s driver’s license and credit card is extremely off-putting to buyers from US and probably anywhere else in the West.

      • Thanks for clarifying. Just wish there was a way to give you a cut. Maybe use an Amazon link? I notice they have a store there. And others say Amazon works well for them, without payment issues from insta360 and faster delivery. Anyways, I’ll keep an eye out for your links when they go on sale again.

        • Thanks Barbara and I’m sorry you missed out on the Black Friday sale! Maybe there will be another sale for Christmas…? In any case, I appreciate your support. Your readership / viewership is the most important support, even more than affiliate links 😀

    • Had exactly the same problem during Prime Day Sale, used credit card and my order was held while they requested my license and credit card picture. They didn’t have any problems after I contacted them and changed my order to use Paypal. I really do appreciate the deals however and it benefits all parties involved, so thanks for providing the option.