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You can now upload your Seekbeak virtual tours to Google Street View

Create Google Street View virtual tours with SeekBeak
Create Google Street View virtual tours with SeekBeak

Virtual tours created on Seekbeak can now be uploaded to Google Street View.  Here’s why that’s important, plus a tutorial.

One of the ways to get many views for your 360 photos is through Google Street View.  For example, I have only 70 photos uploaded to Street View but they have collectively earned about 6.5 million views.  Google Street View can also support virtual tours, but creating one through the Google Street View app is extremely tedious.

Fortunately, there are some virtual tour software that can help make it easier to upload a virtual tour to Street View.  One of the newest software to add Google Street View capability is SeekBeak.  Here is a demo and tutorial:

If you’re interested in SeekBeak, check out their website here. Other virtual tour websites that have Google Street View support include: Gothru, Panoskin, Cupix, Metareal and some desktop-based virtual tour software with Google Street View support include: Pano2VR and 3DVista.

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