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DEALS: Rylo discount at $299 — should you buy it?

Rylo discount $299
Rylo discount $299

There’s a discount on Rylo to $299 (regularly $399).   Should you get it?

Rylo (reviewed here) was originally $499, and then the price was decreased to $399, and now $299.  It is one of the most detailed 360 cameras you can get for this price.  Should you get one?

Rylo was the first 360 camera to feature incredible stabilization (what I refer to as second-generation stabilization), which forced other 360 camera companies to improve their stabilization algorithms to keep up.  Rylo’s intuitive interface also served as a model for some manufacturers such as Insta360.  Rylo later increased the resolution of their camera from 4K to 5.8K, and it resulted in a real increase in detail (it wasn’t just upscaling).  Their Mac desktop app is also very capable and even includes features such as keyframing and hyperlapse.

Rylo desktop app for MacOS

My main concern with the Rylo is that you need a Mac in order to stitch at 5.8K.  They apparently abandoned their plans to create a Windows stitcher, nor can their phone app stitch the 5.8K videos.

Two alternatives to the Rylo are the GoPro Fusion, which is also now $299 (reviewed here), or the popular Insta360 One X at $399 (reviewed here).

Thanks to VJ Luna for bringing this to my attention!

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  • So, when you shoot 5.8K you get 4k stitching? That’s news to me. Their neglect of a Windows editor is also a short coming.

  • Hi Mic,

    Asked you on youtube, maybe will get my answer here

    So now I own an Insta360 One X, planned to use it as an action cam mostly with the Venture case, but It turns out it’s too heavy and bulky on the helmet for real action cam usage.
    I can get a Rylo with the adventure case for $300 (ish), would it make sense to sell insta and buy a rylo as it looks as a much better fit for the on-helmet use?