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Download GoPro VR Reframe and other 360 video plugins for free! (updated: June 23, 2019)

Download GoPro VR Reframe for free
Download GoPro VR Reframe for free

You can now download GoPro VR Plugins for Adobe Premiere and After Effects for free, with effects including GoPro VR Reframe! These plugins can be used to frame a 360 video as a cropped non-360 video, or straighten the horizon of your 360 video.

GoPro has created several plugins for 360 videos for Adobe Premiere and After Effects, including GoPro VR Plugin, which includes GoPro VR Reframe, which enables Premiere to convert a 360 video to a flat, non-360 overcapture video.

These plugins were previously available only if you had Kolor Autopano Video, a $749 stitching software.  However, you can now download them for free.  Here are the current download links as of June 2019:
for Windows
for Mac

Before you install these plugins, install Adobe Premiere CC 2019 first, and if you have GoPro Fusion Studio 1.3 or 1.4, install Fusion Studio first.  After installing Premiere (and Fusion Studio, if you have GoPro Fusion), then you can install the plugins.  Make sure to install these plugins before installing Insta360 Studio 2019.

Gopro VR Reframe enables Overcapture style videos
Gopro VR Reframe enables Overcapture style videos

You’ll be glad to know the GoPro VR plugin works with any 360 video, from any camera.  In the sample above, I’m using it with a video from Garmin Virb 360.

Here’s a tutorial for Premiere. Although the tutorial uses Insta360 One X (reviewed here), the tutorial also applies to other 360 cameras, with the exception of the no-stitch feature:

There’s another software called Insta360 Studio (tutorial here) that can also convert a 360 video into a flat, overcapture-style video.  Insta360 Studio 2019 can work with videos up to 5.7K resolution as long as they are in mp4 format.  However, Insta360 Studio cannot create a reframed video from a 360 photo.  By contrast, VR Reframe can be applied to photos and can work with any format that is compatible with Premiere or After Effects.


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