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Download GoPro VR Reframe and other 360 video plugins for free! (updated: June 23, 2019)

Download GoPro VR Reframe for free
Download GoPro VR Reframe for free

You can now download GoPro VR Plugins for Adobe Premiere and After Effects for free, with effects including GoPro VR Reframe! These plugins can be used to frame a 360 video as a cropped non-360 video, or straighten the horizon of your 360 video.

GoPro has created several plugins for 360 videos for Adobe Premiere and After Effects, including GoPro VR Plugin, which includes GoPro VR Reframe, which enables Premiere to convert a 360 video to a flat, non-360 overcapture video.

These plugins were previously available only if you had Kolor Autopano Video, a $749 stitching software.  However, you can now download them for free.  Here are the current download links as of June 2019:
for Windows
for Mac

Before you install these plugins, install Adobe Premiere CC 2019 first, and if you have GoPro Fusion Studio 1.3 or 1.4, install Fusion Studio first.  After installing Premiere (and Fusion Studio, if you have GoPro Fusion), then you can install the plugins.  Make sure to install these plugins before installing Insta360 Studio 2019.

Gopro VR Reframe enables Overcapture style videos
Gopro VR Reframe enables Overcapture style videos

You’ll be glad to know the GoPro VR plugin works with any 360 video, from any camera.  In the sample above, I’m using it with a video from Garmin Virb 360.

Here’s a tutorial for Premiere. Although the tutorial uses Insta360 One X (reviewed here), the tutorial also applies to other 360 cameras, with the exception of the no-stitch feature:

There’s another software called Insta360 Studio (tutorial here) that can also convert a 360 video into a flat, overcapture-style video.  Insta360 Studio 2019 can work with videos up to 5.7K resolution as long as they are in mp4 format.  However, Insta360 Studio cannot create a reframed video from a 360 photo.  By contrast, VR Reframe can be applied to photos and can work with any format that is compatible with Premiere or After Effects.


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  • I think the biggest issue is most 360 editing is done nowadays in Premiere.
    But a LOT of people including myself, don’t have Premiere (subscription model is not the best) and tutorials are lacking for others…

    • Hi Matt. I’m actually working on a tutorial for video editing with Magix. Please let me know some of the things you would like to learn so that I can include them in the tutorial.

      Best regards,

    • I know PowerDirector has some 360 editing features. I have only played around with it for a little bit myself but it seems to be a good alternative to Premiere for prosumers.

    • I think your comment is a bit too polite ,Gopro is involved with borderline scam with the max camera software, obviously some cartel agreements have been made between gopro and adobe and apple mac to pump up more doh.A 25 euro monthly subscription is the ONLY way to edit the footage nowadays if you are using windows based systems , witch is insanity for people who dont earn money by making videos.I have a xiaomi mi max 3 phone but even the Gopro app on it does NOT let me edit NOR reframe anything ,it just doesnt work…??WTF Are we actually to believe that this is just a big pile of incompetence? BS! They invested in the same scammery as jesus factory APPLE ,they sell you stuff that doesnt work on either windows or android but surprise ,surprise all the macs are juuust fine…WTF is that? APPLE sells people owerpriced hardware that they are not allowed to tinker nor repair nor upgrade that comes with the cost of dead ,underpaid workers in china but atleast their software is decent ,people are waiting in lines for those heavenly macs..F### sake!!

        • The only way to even stitch 360 video is through davinci but the plug-in for reframing was discontinued for it…..what other options are there to reframe GoPro max 360 videos if you don’t want to pay 600 Euros yearly (premiere)or to buy an overpriced Apple computer? BTW Im pretty suspicious about why was the plug-in for davinci development stopped ,this is just too many coincidences.
          Why didnt GoPro advert/mention davinci for editing free?

  • Hey Mic, are the plugins only for Creative Cloud? Just installed the Fusion app but got no plugins (on CS6 here Premiere / After Effects).

  • yes! thank you!!! it has been driving me nuts wanting to edit 360 clips into ‘flat’ videos. just installed the plugins (with all that gopro baggage) and fired it up in premier…success!!!

  • Hi, do you have any idea why after installed gopro vr plugins or gopro vr player, the plugin does not install to adobe, and the bridge between adobe premier and gopro is not working. Looks like gopro vr player can not find adobe premier.

  • Hi I have tried the new gopro vr plugins for After effects cc 2019 still not joy I’m getting a failed point of entry and then it turn to invalid plugin but on premier pro it’s working do you have any fix to this I’m stuck.

  • I downloaded the gopro plugins and installed the .exe file but it caused both my Premiere and After Affects to lose their ability to use my gpu and I can no longer select OpenCL. How do I undo what this file did??

      • I meant to reply to this earlier but I eventually fixed it and I wanted to share how. When I installed the plugin it actually installed an extra file with premiere and after effects so when I uninstalled those files were still there and then still there on re install. I eventually found the exact file that was causing the issue bc of these leftovers. So when I installed the be plugin I then just deleted these files and now I have my gpu and opencl back working.

  • Anyone uses them successfully with Premiere Pro 2019?
    I habe no success intalling them, they just won’t show up.

    • hi patrick. it use mine with premiere pro 2019. i’m not sure why it’s kind of hard to install it. but worst case scenario, you can try to install premiere, then fusion studio, then gopro vr plugin (the link i provided), then insta360 studio 2019, in that order.

  • New to the 360 world. Using Premier on Windows 10. Noticed using the Go Pro VR Plug in it leave “x’s” in various places in the video was told by go pro that might be because it is still a beta version. Is there another proven plug in that will work with the MAX 360 footage to edit into standard 2d?

  • Does anyone have an indication of the hardware requirements to effectively use the reframe plugin? Specifically, the Graphics Card when reframing footage captured at 4k. I have a new computer with a Ryzen 5 5600x CPU, but the Graphics card I have at the moment is very weak – the playback ends up dropping so many frames with the reframe effect that it’s unusable. I’m trying to determine which new graphics card I need to buy.

    • Hi Edward. For 4k videos, insta360 previously recommended GTX 750Ti but if you will be editing 5.7k videos in the future, i recommend to get a VR-ready card (at least a GTX 1050Ti 4GB or better). Graphics card prices are ridiculous right now, so you might want to consider buying a complete PC or laptop that already has the graphics card you need.

  • So it seems that the FX version of the reframe plugin does not allow the creation of tiny planets. It just creates some fractal like moiré patterns. Sux assballs imo that they break perfectly good software. Reverted to prehistoric premiere 2018 but can’t find the original NON FX but VR reframe plugin anywhere. Booo

      • Thx for answering! But no, I get a ball of multiple instances of the equirectangular image inside a moiré pattern when I try those settings. Traveling now so on capped data but regretfully no show for me

        • Unless I see it, i don’t know exactly what you’re describing.. But I guarantee that FX reframe can do tiny planet.

          • So I managed to get some limited wifi access, uploaded a screenshot to google photo’s


            Used your reccomended settings, this is the result.

            Footage interpretation is correctly set to equirectangular, works with the vr viewer and all native adobe immersive effects

          • Were you able to check my screenshot? Still no luck making tiny planets, resorted to Garming Virb Edit to make these, but it is a real hassle! Looking for a better workflow and any help I would greatly appreciate! Thanks!

          • It looks like the 360 video was reframed to non-360 and then another reframe was applied after that. Is that what happened?

          • No, I am afraid not. I had already quadruple checked the intrepetation of the videos and the settings of the sequence, all is set to equirectangular with correct fov. Also the viewport button to check the video in a 360 player like window works correctly (before applying the reframe plugin).

            The reframe plugin is just broken. I tried in 2018 and in the latest version of Premiere 22.5.0 build 62. On a PC with Windows 10 64 bit.

          • Trust me, I’ve used FX Reframe to do tiny planet videos. Can you send me a segment of your raw 360 video that you imported into Premiere?