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Elecam 720: Elephone’s fully spherical camera accessory for its S7 smartphone

Elecam 720: Elephone's fully spherical camera accessory for its S7 smartphone
Elephone is creating a fully spherical camera accessory designed for its S7 flagship smartphone.

The new camera is being billed as a “720-degree” camera.  (When fully spherical 360 cameras were still rare, they were sometimes called 720 cameras because they had two hemispherical 360 lenses.)

The camera resembles the Insta360 Air and like the Air, it also attaches to a smartphone via Micro USB.  It’s said to be designed for the Elephone  S7, although I suspect it will also be compatible with other Android phones with a Micro USB port.

We don’t know anything yet about its specs or its features other than it’s fully spherical, nor do we have info on pricing, availability.  I am guessing it will be aggressively priced.

Elephone has produced other 360 cameras, such as the Elecam 360 (sometimes marketed under its MGCool brand).  It would be interesting to see how this camera compares to the Elecam 360 and the Insta360 Air.

Thank you very much to tech vlogger Pepe Vazquez for bringing this to my attention!