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GoPro MAX vs Insta360 One X after Nov 2019 update

GoPro MAX vs Insta360 One X (Nov. 2019 update)
GoPro MAX vs Insta360 One X (Nov. 2019 update)

Should you buy the GoPro MAX? Is it better than Insta360 One X? Here is an in-depth comparison between the Max and One X, with the November 2019 update.  I compared them for image quality (both photos and videos), as well as usability.  I also compared the audio quality between the Max’s ‘shotgun mic’ effect and the Insta360 One X’s TrueAudio AI-enhanced noise reduction effect.

For a more detailed analysis of GoPro MAX, check out the GoPro MAX review page here.  For the Insta360 One X, see the Insta360 One X review and resource page here.

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  • Having used both quite a bit, I would throw in that I think the mobile workflow on the Max is much better than the One X- being able to rotate the video, keyframe easing is huge and make the videos look way less robotic, being able to turn the camera on and off from the app was also useful.

  • The gyro stabilization has failed on two of my Insta One X’s, but the latest failure still works on a stable tripod, the earlier fail spins the image on the tripod. Most of the time they worked, but now most of the time they don’t. Yes, I did a gyro calibration – roller coaster spins on two axis. Luckily the One X caught Jane Fonda at the climate rally before the gyro went off, but I had wisely brought my GoPro Fusion along just in case and held it with my left hand while managing the One X with the right. Subsequent speakers will require lots of keyframes to fix on the One X – too many to make it worthwhile.

    The One X is a great camera – when the gyro stabilization works . . . maybe I should buy another one, I have plenty of batteries. The one that still works, needs a lens replacement – cheaper than buying another one.