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Insta360 invites you to attend the NAB Show for free! (The ticket is worth $185)

Insta360 Pro 8k 360 camera
Insta360 Pro 8k 360 camera

You can go to NAB Show 2017 for free (the ticket is worth $185), courtesy of Insta360!

Insta360 is inviting you to attend the NAB Show 2017 for free.  Just use the discount code LV7443.  The offer is good only until March 24, 2017.

NAB Show 2017 will have a VR Pavilion in the North Hall, and that’s where Insta360 will be, to show the Insta360 Pro, their 360 camera with up to 8k resolution in 2D, 6k in 3D, or 4k (2D or 3D) with realtime stitching or live streaming. Insta360’s booth will be right in front of Nokia’s with their OZO camera — but I’m sure that placement was not at all strategic and is purely coincidental.