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Insta360 Nano update adds tiny planet live stream, stickers, Snapchat support

Insta360 Nano adds tiny planet live streaming and stickers
Insta360 Nano adds tiny planet live streaming and stickers

Insta360 updated the Nano app to add several features, including a tiny planet live stream, stickers, and Snapchat support.

As reported by my friend Sarah Redohl at ImmersiveShooter, Insta360 updated the app to version 1.10 and added several new features.  I’ve tried them out and they’re pretty cool!



The update added live streaming in tiny planet mode called “Animation Live,” which allows you to change the tiny planet in real time.  To my awareness, Insta360 Nano is the first 360 camera to have that feature.  Here’s a sample:

The live streaming options for tiny planet are: Facebook, Youtube or Weibo.  I didn’t see an option for Twitter / Periscope.


The yellow button says, “wo zhi dao le,” which translates to, “I promise to read 360 Rumors everyday.” 🙂

The update also added a myriad of stickers.  The stickers are automatically mapped to the 360 photo or video so that they won’t be distorted no matter where you position them.  Although the stickers are not 3D, they will move along with the sphere.


The app will detect faces and by default, stickers will be placed over the faces, but you can move them anywhere.


The app update also enabled sharing to Snapchat.  You can take a still image or export an animation and it will be sent straight to the Snapchat app.

From there, you’ll be able to share it like any other Snapchat photo or video.

It seems there is no function yet to add Snapchat filters to faces in the 360 photos.

The features added today are examples of why I love Insta360 — they’re always looking for ways to improve their users’ experience.  I’ve used cameras from many different manufacturers (360 and otherwise). No other company comes close to the responsiveness, ingenuity, and innovation of Insta360.

The Insta360 Nano for iPhone is available here, while the Insta360 Air for Android is available here (either for Micro USB or USB Type C).

Thank you very much to Sarah Redohl (from ImmersiveShooter) for sharing this info!

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