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Insta360 Next Camera June 28, 2022: what you might have missed

Insta360 Next Camera June 28, 2022

UPDATE:  Here is my review of Insta360 One RS 1-inch 360 Edition.  Insta360 posted a teaser for their next camera, which will be released on June 28, 2022.  What kind of camera is it?  Is it a 360 camera or non-360 camera?  Is it entry level or for professionals?  There are a couple of hints in the teaser trailer.

This is a new camera, not just an accessory or software update.  I’ve been beta testing the new camera since April 2022 and in my opinion, it is the most exciting product release in several years.   I’m under NDA and can’t reveal much about it but I want to bring to your attention a couple of things from the teaser that give a hint about this new camera.  From the teaser, you can see that it is similar to the One R with vertical battery mod but it is noticeably larger.   You can also see markings on the lens.  These may give you a better idea of the target market for this camera.   Stay tuned for my full review on June 28, 2022 at 9am ET / 6am PT!

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  • Thanks Mic! If the new camera is supposedly more professional then I hope that we finally get gapless recording in 360 so it’s easier to sync long recordings with external audio and/or other cameras.

  • Looks like it could have said ‘Leica’ on that enhancement. I was surprised to get emails saying they’d have a new camera in 3 days. Color me curious.

  • 360 camera. Dual one inch sensors. Leica Lenses. 8K resolution. High Price. too much for me.

  • Hello Mic! Speaking about Insta360 sphere, did you get any feedback from insta regarding mavic3 or mini brackets? Somehow odd to limit to a mid drone. Either buy a cheap drone to do the stuff, or put sphere to the higher end drone for those who have it like me would make the product more tempting to buy.

    • I hope that your speculation about VR180 support by this new mod is true. We are really starved for that format. Insta360 promised VR180 h/w release so long ago and never delivered … it’s about time for them to finally give it to us.

  • Hello Mic, a few questions I hope you will address right away in your upcoming review:
    1- does it have internal GPS receiver or it needs to rely on an external one, like the other insta’s?
    2- can it shoot highest res photos continuously at a set frame rate, to create “blue lines”? If yes, highest frame rate?
    3- how does highest res photo quality compares against the Ricoh Theta X (at 11k)?
    Thank you very much!

    • i’m with you on 1 and 2 .
      i’d change the 3rd to “and compared to Z1” and “in the stitch line”
      4 – sample (unstitched) photos and videos please!!

      • Hello Rui, I’m already able to answer my question #1, as Insta website states its own GPS Smart Remote is not compatible with the new RS 1″ 360 (https://store.insta360.com/product/GPS_Smart_Remote?c=481) and Insta tech support confirmed me this morning that the new camera has no internal GPS receiver.
        It seem that right now the only way to add GPS data to the collected photographs is either via the Insta phone app with data fed from the phone GPS receiver, or afterward in post on a computer, adding (otherwise collected) GPS location data to the saved photographs via other software.
        Sadly, our life of “blue liners” is not made easy at all by this interesting new camera 🙁
        As for my #2 question, it seems me to understand that interval (photo) shooting is indeed present in the camera menu (as it is in the normal One RS), but I have no clue about the maximum continuous frame rate. Hope Mic can help with this 🙂

        • yep. I’ve ordered it either way
          i’ve checked the GPS today and seen the remote is not compatible with it
          may be i’ll have to order a gps tracker and glue it to the blind side of the camera
          seen various comparisons with the X and Z1 and it holds nicely in photos and wins in videos
          some firmware updates can make it better one of these days.
          i think we have a winner
          sadly no 8k but at least we got 6k with very good resolution (maybe recorder raw style and upscalable to 8k )

          • May I ask what’s your planned use? Mine is recording long mountain treks in fairly remote areas, where weight and power are absolute constraints. But I still hope for some minimum quality 🙂
            Re the GPS logger, considering the about 3m precision of current single band receivers, and considering that to achieve such accuracy you need to keep the receiver antenna always up toward the open sky, it’s unlikely you will be able to glue it to the camera blind side.
            More likely you’ll have it on top of your backpack shoulder harness or helmet, on your car roof, or on its dashboard just under the windshield.
            I had in the past good experiences with qstarz GPS receivers and right now I am considering this new dual band logger from Columbus, https://cbgps.com/p10/index_en.htm, though it lacks BT. Within both brands you can find GPS loggers with removable Micro SD cards and very long lasting batteries.

        • i make 360’s out of everything and try to make them everywhere
          whenever i find an interesting place i usually build a blueline
          i’m in the wild or in a city showing a specific event then i blue line it.

          in your case i think i’d use the phone (hope the camera uses the phone gps) since you’re walking with it

          my use case is only if your not in the same place as the camera and i would now like to put my phone near the camera just to record a gps track

          like in a drone (thats not a good example because i’d try to record the drone gps track) but something like that

          worse than blue line is “regular photo” since i’ll use the app to trigger it while hiding in other place (some meters) and then GPS will be my phone position and not the camera position

          problems problems 🙂

  • uhmmm one of their teasers headlines 21mp images (and refers to video) which by my maths is 6.5k i.e. marginally less than z1 and way below theta x. hope I’m misinterpreting that….. of course if that is just for conver=ntional rather than 360 view the sory changes?

    • Yeah, 6K, 8bit, for $800? Might have been worth it a few years ago, but not now. Pretty disappointing.

      • Hi Craig. This is the latest sensor from Sony. The same one that they use in their top of the line RX100 VII. It is the same one used in RX100 IV. But Insta360 can only use the sensors that are available. So if you want a new sensor, write to Sony.

  • It’s kind of crazy, if you look at every t review video on YouTube right now for the new mod, One of the first comments on every single video is from the official Insta360 YouTube account. I know most review videos are pretty much paid advertisements for whatever camera is being reviewed, but it feels like Insta360 goes above and beyond in that regard, like unabashedly.

    • larger sensor is nice, but not 8k video, nor 10k pics….
      or any other usp, that I “need to have it”
      yes, it is dissapointing…