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Insta360 ONE for Android unboxing video

Insta360 ONE for Android unboxing video
Insta360 ONE for Android unboxing video

At last it’s here — Insta360 ONE for Android!  Here’s how you connect the Insta360 ONE to your Android phone.

Ever since the release of the Insta360 ONE for iPhone, I had been eagerly waiting for the Android version.  I liked using the Insta360 ONE (reviewed here) but earlier this year, I switched to Android (to a Samsung S8 plus), and having to use the ONE with my old iPhone added some inconvenience.

I knew I wasn’t the only one who was waiting — several readers asked me about whether they could get the iPhone version of Insta360 ONE and buy the Android adapter later.  At that time, it wasn’t certain yet that it would be available separately but it the adapter is now available, and can indeed be bought separately from the ONE.

Here is the unboxing video:

As shown in the video, the Insta360 ONE itself is identical to the iOS version.  All you need to do to connect the ONE to an Android phone is use the Android app to switch the Insta360 ONE from iOS mode to Android mode.  This is done wirelessly, via the Android app’s settings.  This means that if you have both Android and iOS devices, you’ll be able to use the ONE with both devices (assuming they meet the minimum specs).  Note: you don’t have to switch to the Android mode to control the ONE wirelessly via Bluetooth with either an iPhone or Android phone.

After switching the camera to Android mode, you then attach the ONE to the adapter.  The adapter has a micro USB port that connects to the ONE’s Micro USB port.  The adapter is available as a USB Type C or Micro USB version.  The adapter connects to your Android phone about as securely as the ONE connects to the iPhone via its built-in lightning port.

The adapter can remain attached to the ONE if you mount the ONE on a tripod or selfie stick.  However, you can’t use the combination  hardcase / cover / lens cap / mini-handle for the ONE without removing the adapter.  Alternatively, you can leave the adapter on the ONE and use the well-padded Lowepro Geneva camera case instead.

Camera case for Insta360 ONE for Android
Camera case for Insta360 ONE for Android

To get the Insta360 ONE for Android, you can either buy it together with the adapter (directly from Insta360), or, depending on prices, you can buy the ONE from Gearbest or Amazon, and buy the adapter from Insta360.

Although the Android adapter is available, the Android app has not yet been released as of December 19, 2017.  When the Android app is released,  I will post an updated review of the Insta360 ONE that includes new techniques and at least one important new feature!


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  • Someone know if the Insta360 One is compatible with Snapdragon 625? I have the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 phone and I think that the Insta360 ONE will be the best friend of my phone 😉

    • I’ll ask Insta360. I have a snapdragon 625 phone but it uses micro usb, and my android adapter is for usb type C. and in any case, the app doesnt work yet. So I will check with insta360.
      best regards,

  • Say if I don’t want to mount the Insta360 One to the phone. Would a USB C to Micro USB cable work to connect the phone to the device and run the app ?

    • Hi FYL,
      Do you have any answer on this? I have the insta360 one and trying to connect it to my S7 with a USB OTG cable. But it cannot detect the camera. Was wondering if you had any idea.

      • Hi Kazem. I used an OTG cable with my One and S8+ and it worked. I used the OTG cable from Insta360 and then I connected it to the usb-a to type-c adapter that was included with my S8+.
        best regards,

  • Hi Mic. So does it fit and work well on the Samsung S8 plus? I have that phone and was wondering how it fits. Since I didn’t see it on the list of phones compatible.

  • Hola yo tengo un oneplus 3t y no me funciona, ni con el adaptador ni con un cable OTG, puede ser porque mi Android es 8.0?

  • Anyone else unable to see live view of the camera through the phone? I am able to take pictures and videos, but cannot see what I am recording or how the picture looks before I take it. Any suggestions?