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Insta360 One R Aerial Edition sample video

Sample 360 video from Insta360 One R Aerial Edition, which makes a drone appear invisible and can show any view.

Here’s a new sample 360 video from the Insta360 One R Aerial Edition, showing that it really does appear invisible in the video.

Insta360 One R (review and FAQ) is a revolutionary new modular 360 camera that combines the features of a 360 camera, action cam, 1-inch sensor camera, and a drone.

Insta360 ONE R Aerial Edition
Insta360 ONE R Aerial Edition

The Aerial Edition is an Insta360 One R module that mounts cameras to the top and bottom of a DJI Mavic Pro or Mavic 2 Pro.  The cameras are positioned such that the entire drone is behind both cameras’ field of view, which means they don’t appear in the video and appear “invisible.”

Here is a sample 360 video from the Aerial Edition (please choose 5K resolution):

The 360 video can be reframed as a non-360 video to show any view, or to keyframe almost any camera movement using Insta360 Studio, Adobe Premiere or a 360 video editor.

What do you think of the Aerial Edition?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • Hi Mike,

    According to insta 360 this mount affects the dji mavic’s GPS (ONLY the 2 version). Flying the drone is thus made impossible as noone knows when and how the drone switches in and out of atti mode, probably even causing fly-aways. I chatted with Insta 360 and they replied:

    “We are sorry for the inappropriate design of ONE R Mavic 2 Edition, and our engineers are trying to figure out how to resolve the problem.
    We will release the update in our official online store if we solve it.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.
    With any further question, please feel free to contact us.”

    I would ONLY buy this mount if insta could reassure me they have fixed this issue.

    Maybe it could help reinforcing the fixing process if you also told them that there is some improvement to be done. 🙂

    Best regards


    • Good luck if you plan on waiting for an aerial mount fix. It took Insta360 like 8 months to fix their faulty venture case and after they fixed it the availability was abysmal. They make a great camera, but after all the cool launch hype videos are made and the cameras are sold, they don’t seem to care much about producing the accessories that are heavily featured in their marketing materials anymore🤷‍♂️

      • I very much hope Insta will prove you wrong. The aerial mount is a great accessory item but I will not buy one unless they fix the GPS issue on the mavic 2 drone.

        • Thanks i will let them know that customers need them to fix it. Or maybe’s JM Cannie might come up with a fix.

    • Hey folks, there is a way to allow the MP2 to use ATTI mode. Check out DroneU and search it. Pretty simple little change if you’re dying to fly the 360 MOD.

  • Am I correct in believing that you’ll have to take off the mount with its cameras each time you need to change the Mavic’s battery?

    What is the total weight of the mount and its two cams?

  • Hmmm, not the demo I’d like to see. There’s the obvious stitchline (even on distant objects) and some jello effect.

    Ideally for stabilization there would be two separate damped mounts for the cams, stitching those though is another story. Another hard to solve issue in the light/sun reflection of the blades.

    I’m not betting my money on this set just yet.