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Insta360 One R non-swiveling GoPro tripod mount adapter (3D printer STL file)

Non-swiveling GoPro tripod mount for Insta360 One R

If you have an Insta360 One R (reviewed here), this non-swiveling GoPro tripod mount adapter can keep your selfie stick invisible.

Insta360 One R: 30 features and disadvantages
Insta360 One R: 30 features and disadvantages

The Insta360 One R is a modular 360 camera that converts to an action cam.  Because it is sometimes used as an action cam, it has a GoPro-compatible fork mount, which can swivel.  GoPro claims that their swiveling mount can not only help you aim your camera at your subject, but can also reduce damage to the camera if it falls.

However, when the GoPro mount is used on a 360 camera such as the Insta360 One R, GoPro Max, or Rylo, the swiveling mount can make it harder to use of the most powerful features of a 360 camera, which is capturing a third person view (the invisible flying camera effect).

360 cameras have the unique capability to capture a third person view, as though shot with an invisible flying camera.  To use this effect, you simply have to use a selfie stick or monopod that is slimmer than the distance between the 360 camera’s lenses, and you should keep the selfie stick inline with the 360 camera.  Here’s a sample of this effect, shot with the XPhase Pro S.

However, with a swiveling GoPro mount, the 360 camera can swivel out of alignment with the 360 camera, making the selfie stick visible.

One solution is to use a non-swiveling GoPro adapter, which ensures that the selfie stick will remain in-line with the camera.  Insta360 created one, which I showed in my video with 15 Tips for the Insta360 One R.  But somehow, they stopped after a rather short production.  I’ve asked them about its future availability but they only said they’ll get back to me (that was a month ago).

Meanwhile, here is a 3D printed non-swiveling adapter generously shared by Mark Anthony Szymura.  I haven’t tried it out myself, but here’s a photo posted on thingiverse that seems to show that it will work.

Non-swiveling GoPro tripod mount for Insta360 One R

In addition to 3D printing the adapter, you’ll need to add a 1/4-20 tripod hole and a 1/4-20 nut.  What do you think of this tripod adapter?  Let me know in the comments!

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