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Insta360 Pro 2 stabilized 8K 360 camera flies to [near] space

Insta360 Pro 2 in space

How do you capture 8K 360 video at 27km with a weather balloon, higher than the maximum altitude of a Mig-29? You would need a reliable camera that could not only withstand the extreme temperatures of the stratosphere (which can drop to as low as -51 Celsius), but because it would be dangling and swinging freely from below the balloon, it would also need exceptional stabilization.

Among professional 360 cameras, there are very few have stabilization, and the Insta360 Pro 2 (reviewed here) has by far the most advanced stabilization among them (its predecessor, the Insta360 Pro, was the first professional 360 camera to have built-in stabilization).

Here is the video of the Insta360 Pro 2’s flight to space:

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