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Ion360 U is a 4K 360 camera and smartphone charger case

There are now several 360 cameras designed to attach to your smartphone, but Ion360 U is the first hybrid device that is both a 360 camera and a smartphone charger case.

Ion360 U is a 360 camera accessory with both a 360 camera component and a smartphone charger component.  Rather than draining your smartphone, it will actually charge your smartphone battery while you’re using it.

Here are a couple of product videos:

Here are the key specifications:
– photo resolution: 8MP (I think this means that it’s 4096 x 2048)
– video resolution: 4K
– compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, Samsung S8, Samsung S8+
– live streaming
– up to 2 hours battery life
– shipping around July 2017
– available in black or teal

You can preorder here for $100 off ($249 instead of $349).  You can also follow their official Facebook page and their Twitter account.

What do you think of the concept?  Let me know in the comments!