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Mystery 360 Photo source confirmed: Sigmawit SW-5

Sigmawit SW5
Sigmawit SW5

Sigmawit has now confirmed that the amazing photo posted by Nick Zhou is from Sigmawit SW-5, an advanced prototype 360 camera for prosumers!

OK so last week I posted this really amazing 360 photo with incredible resolution and dynamic range, and impossibly smooth stitching.  It had no optical weaknesses and besides the very high saturation and a few mysterious stitching artifacts, looked practically perfect.

I tried to pin down which camera it was from, and was told that it’s from the SW-4. When I asked Sigmawit for more samples from the SW4, I was disappointed because of the difference in image quality.

It turns out that there was just a miscommunication, which has now been cleared up. Here’s the good news:  Sigmawit confirmed that the photo is real. It’s not from a DSLR panorama. It’s from a prototype of the Sigmawit SW-5.

Sigmawit SW-5
Sigmawit SW-5

Unlike Sigmawit’s existing entry-level 360 cameras, the SW-5 will be an advanced model for prosumers.  It won’t be a low-cost camera.

Sigmawit doesn’t have any specifications for the SW-5 yet because it’s still a long way from being released (Mr. Zhou estimates that it won’t be released until 2018).  So far, the CG renders show that it is a somewhat slim camera, and the lenses are offset like the Insta360 4K beta and Insta360 Nano, instead of being back-to-back like most other 360 cameras.  There’s a button to switch between photo and video, and the power button seems to have another function that could be wi-fi.  There’s a USB port at the base.  The shutter button says “magnet.”  This may mean that it has a bluetooth remote that can be magnetically attached to the camera, which would be a cool feature.

I’m glad companies like Sigmawit are developing high end 360 cameras, not just entry-level cameras.  Assuming the Sigmawit SW5 is truly capable of amazing photos like the ones Mr. Zhou has posted thus far, this looks like a very promising camera that I’m very much looking forward to.

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    • Mental note not to disagree with Tony in the future…. :)) Yes I agree the level of detail was crazy. Nick didn’t want to say though about the specs, and didn’t want to send me a copy of the picture. But he said he would send samples in the future. Best regards, Mic

      • yeah that’s one thing going for facebook’s 360 stills I guess, I haven’t worked out a way to save the entire image at all.. it seems to load in sections where you look, most notable on this still as I zoomed in I had to wait a few seconds for facebook to load in the super clear image.

        guess it’s the ultimate way of stopping peeps stealing your images eh ?!

  • Looks like example image is shot in some kind of HDR mode – see the “ghost” kid screenshot in the comment on FB.