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New sample 360 photo from Sigmawit SW-4 raises many questions

Sigmawit SW-4 sample
Sigmawit SW-4 sample

Here’s another sample photo from the Sigmawit SW-4, and the sample raises many questions.  UPDATE: here is the latest information on the camera that was used – Sigmawit SW-5 (not SW-4).

Last week, I posted an amazing 360 photo that supposedly came from the Sigmawit SW-4, a low-cost camera.  The photo showed amazing levels of detail and dynamic range, with no noticeable weaknesses whatsoever.

To determine whether the photo was indeed from the Sigmawit SW-4, I contacted the author of the post, Nick Zhou, but did not receive a response.  I then contacted the company to ask for another sample from the SW-4.  They happily sent me a link to a sample 360 photo.

Suffice to say, the new sample photo provided is quite different from the sample previously posted by Mr. Zhou.  The new sample photo is not terrible, but is far below the image quality of Mr. Zhou’s sample.  There is very noticeable grain, for example, even if it is not a low light photo.  The stitching is not so bad for an entry-level camera, but does have noticeable parallax stitching error.

stitching error on Sigmawit SW4
stitching error on Sigmawit SW4

On the whole, this new sample photo looks far more like what we would expect from an entry-level 360 camera.  At this point, I’m reasonably certain that the previous photo is not from the same camera as this new sample.  Assuming the new sample is indeed from the SW-4, I don’t think the previous sample is from the SW-4.

This raises several questions, such as: if the sample last week wasn’t from the SW-4, then which camera was it from?  I’d like to know but I wouldn’t hold my breath on getting the real answer.  UPDATE: here is the latest information on the camera that was used – Sigmawit SW-5 (not SW-4).

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