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Where is the next Ricoh Theta? (January 18 update)

Next Ricoh Theta to be released around January 18, 2022
Is this really the next Ricoh Theta?

There have been reports of a new Ricoh Theta, which was rumored to be released on January 18.  Well, it’s January 18, but still there’s no mention of it on Ricoh’s website.  What happened to it?  UPDATE: here is the new Ricoh Theta X.

In my March 2021 interview with Theta Division General Manager Shinobu Fujiki, Mr. Fujiki mentioned that Ricoh was already working on their next camera, and hinted at possible features, although we didn’t know anything about its time frame.

A few weeks ago, Nokishita Camera, a Japanese rumor site showed a supposed FCC registration for the next Ricoh Theta.  (The Nokishita Camera Twitter account has since been deleted.)  The registration said that the confidentiality should be maintained until January 18, 2022, so it was assumed that the camera would be released on that date.

It’s January 18, but there’s still no teaser or any mention of the new Theta in the official website.  Was it all just fake?

I can’t comment on whether any of the supposed leaked photos are accurate.  However, as Mr. Fujiki said in our interview, Ricoh has been working on the next Theta.  Please just stand by.  You won’t have to wait long, and I can assure you the agony of waiting will be 100% worth it.  You definitely will not want to miss this.  UPDATE: here it is!

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