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RICOH THETA V Plug-in Technology Smashes Through 25 Minute Video Limitation


How to record longer videos on Ricoh Theta V
How to record longer videos on Ricoh Theta V

Without plug-ins, the RICOH THETA V (reviewed here) is limited to recording video for 25 minutes per video. The user can quickly start another recording, but until now, there was no way around this limit.  Using the new THETA V plug-in technology, we can get around this limit.  Here’s how!

Craig Oda, on theta360.guide reports his results:

My 48 minute 29 second video test resulted in a 19 GB MP4 file saved to the THETA internal storage with a resolution of 3840×1920. A companion .wav file with 4 channel audio was 1.04 GB. The plug-in will automatically stop the video when it reaches 19GB.

Craig is able to do continuous 4K 360 degree video recording until the internal storage (19 GB) fills up completely.

Full post and details here.


— Video will fill the entire 19 GB storage of internal camera storage

— No metadata on video file using this plug-in, it needs to be added manually

— The video file itself has single channel audio only

— The companion .wav file has 4 channel first-order ambisonics B-format

— To combine the Ambisonics audio and video, use Premiere Pro to assemble the audio and video

— How to Install the Plug-in

— If you’re a developer and are part of the THETA partner program, you can install the plug-in immediate from the GitHub repository.

— If you’re not ready to compile the source code with Android Studio, I’ll will work out a way to help you!

You’ll need to

— Sign up for the partner program. It’s free.

— Get the plug-in from me by posting a note at the end of the article on theta360.guide. Something like, “send me the long-duration plug-in for testing”

— Install a few basic tools, adb and Vysor

— Install the camera plug-in from the command line

— Set the default plug-in using the Ricoh desktop or mobile app

— Use Vysor to set plug-in permissions

It’s a long set of steps, so we’d like to help. Read the main article and post a note to get started!

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