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Samsung Gear 360 flies to the edge of space on top of a Mig-29

Check out this 360 video from a Samsung Gear 360 mounted on top of a MiG-29 Fulcrum jet fighter as it flies to the edge of space!
Migflug is a company based in Switzerland that offers commercial flights on jet fighters.  Their ultimate package is a flight to the edge of space on a MiG-29.  On one of these flights, they attached a Samsung Gear 360 on top of a MiG-29.

The Samsung Gear 360 was mounted to the vertical stabilizer using a custom-made mount:

The Samsung Gear 360‘s lenses were exposed as the MiG-29 flew at speeds almost to Mach 2 but the Gear 360 was fine.

Here is the video:

Here is a review of the Samsung Gear 360.  Also check out the Samsung Gear 360 Wiki and Resource Page!

via The Aviationist

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