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Stream simultaneously to Facebook, Youtube and other services with LiveScale.tv!

Stream to Multiple Services with LiveScale
Stream to Multiple Services with LiveScale

You can stream simultaneously to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope, and other services simultaneously with LiveScale.tv!  Here’s a demo.

LiveScale.tv is a new service that enables you to live stream (in 360 or non-360) to up to 8 social accounts simultaneously, and it makes it so easy to do it.


Instead of having to create separate live stream events for each social service, you simply create one live stream event on LiveScale.tv (which they call a “channel”), hit “Start” and it will automatically create live stream events for all the social accounts you’ve connected.  You’ll get a single stream URL and a single stream key, which you enter into your camera (generally through your camera’s app).

Here is the dialogue box for creating a channel.  It’s so simple and easy!  In fact, you can create a channel (i.e., the stream) on your phone using a smartphone browser.

Right now, LiveScale has built-in support for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Periscope, and Twitch.  In the future, they will add Instagram and Snapchat.  You can also add any other service that uses RTMP — you simply need to put the server URL and stream key for that service.  For the other services natively supported by LiveScale, you don’t need to put in the server URL or stream key — you only need to link LiveScale to your social network account.

I tried out LiveScale last Saturday using the Insta360 Pro (reviewed here).  I was able to live stream to YouTube and Facebook simultaneously!  It was so easy and intuitive, and it worked the very first time I tried it (even though I’m not an expert on streaming — at least not yet 🙂 ).

Here is the live stream on Youtube:

Here is the same stream on Facebook:

Please note 4K streaming on Facebook hasn’t been fully implemented yet, hence the lower resolution of the Facebook stream, but it should be added in a few weeks.

In addition to being able to view the stream on these social networks, you will also be able to view the stream on LiveScale’s own player, which can be embedded in your website, or you can simply share the URL.

LiveScale.tv costs $20 per hour for the starter, which can stream up to FHD to up to 4 accounts.   The Advanced service is $30 per hour, and can stream up to 4K resolution to up to 8 accounts.  Advanced also adds several features including support for 3D 360 streaming, ambisonic audio, and geolocalized analytics.  You can also try LiveScale.tv for free for 2 weeks.

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  • facebooks live terms n conditions are that you only stream to them exclusively .. facebook do not want you making the exact same streams on other services. they get very upset about it, not sure how they can monitor all live streams for violators though

    • Hm interesting. I didn’t know that. Maybe Livescale has a deal with them? Because Livescale is one of the software certified by Facebook for Live 360….

      Best regards,