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Mixed Reality VR Plants vs Zombies for Quest (Toy Monsters review)

Toy Monsters is a mixed reality VR version of Plants vs Zombies

What is Plants vs Zombies like in VR?  Toy Monsters reimagines the popular game Plants vs Zombies in mixed reality.  How well does it work?

Toy Monsters is a VR mixed reality game similar to the tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies, with a toy-based theme.   You defend your base on one end of a field, using cannons, tanks, flamethrowers, and more, against rows of toy monsters marching relentlessly toward your defenses.

The game is played in mixed reality, with a playing field that appears in your room like a diorama.  Instead of tapping or your smartphone screen, you place the defenses with your controllers or your hands (the game supports hand tracking).

Toy Monsters is like a VR version of Plants vs Zombies
Toy Monsters is like a mixed reality version of Plants vs Zombies in your living room

How well does the game work in VR?  Is it more fun?  In my opinion, it’s more engaging than playing a similar game on a smartphone.  However, the hand tracking could use some improvement.  I would often try to grab an item only to miss several times, or drop it on the wrong spot, making the game harder to play.  I found it much more precise to use the Quest’s motion controllers.

Should you buy it?  Discount code

Toy Monsters doesn’t break new ground, but it’s still a fun game especially for fans of tower defense games.  You can get 25% off using this link.  If you like Toy Monsters, you might also be interested in Barbaria, which I think is one of the best VR games.

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