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Ultimate Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE 360 Camera FAQ, Wiki and Resource Page (updated February 12, 2021)

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere and Madv Madventure 360 Bluetooth remote
Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere and Madv Madventure 360 Bluetooth remote

Welcome to the Ultimate Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE 360 camera FAQ, Wiki
and Resource page. Here you will find answers to the most common questions plus articles about the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera, one of the best 360 camera for consumers.  Most recent update: Feb. 12, 2019 how to transfer unstitched photos for Android or iOS, for stitching on MiSphere Converter .

I’ve been shooting with Xiaomi Mi Sphere since May 2017.  If there is anything you want to know about the Xiaomi Mi Sphere that is not covered here, please let me know in the comments or use the contact form in the navigation bar.  Thank you very much.

Review and specifications
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
—– Where to download software / app (updated February 12, 2021)
Tutorials, Tips and Techniques
—— Download sample files
RAW stitching and Optical flow stitching
— how to transfer unstitched photos for iOS and Android
January 2018 upgrade.
—— Black hole or dracula issue
—— How to fix a buzzing / clicking Xiaomi Mi Sphere
NEW!  Demo and tutorial for the dedicated remote.
Useful links


February 12, 2019: how to transfer unstitched photos for iOS
October 16, 2018: new Troubleshooting section added info re black hole issue
September 19, 2018: added new review video
February 8, 2018: added info re the dedicated Bluetooth remote for Xiaomi Mi Sphere and Madventure 360
January 27, 2018: added info on using intervalometer, info on downloading unstitched photos (for stitching on Mi Sphere)
November 27, 2017: added information about Madventure and how to upgrade to 4K, updated info on drifting (now resolved)
October 12, 2017: added some video demos for Xiaomi selfie stick and Benro MK10
September 28, 2017: updated the links to the software
September 11, 2017: added link to bullet time tutorial and silicone rubber accessory
September 6, 2017: added info about the dedicated selfie stick accessory.
August 11, 2017: added link to new version of the PC app; info re Micro SD card; Google Street View


What’s so special about the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera?
As of September 2018, it has the best 360 photo quality for 360 cameras that cost $1,000 or less.   It also has good video quality for 360 cameras that cost $400 or less. It also has image stabilization and manual exposure controls, with a shutter speed as slow as 32 seconds. Here is a detailed review.

Where do I buy Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere and how much does it cost?  
Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere is available from GearBest. See this link for a list of discount codes.   The price varies depending on available specials. As of July 2017, it costs around $250 to $300. Sometimes the International version is cheaper, while other times the domestic version is cheaper.  Thanks for using the links here to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you.

What’s the difference between domestic and international versions?
The domestic version here has a Chinese instruction manual and packaging, while the international version here has an English instruction manual and packaging. The hardware and software are the same.

What’s the difference between the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere and the Madventure 360 camera?
Madventure is a rebranded version of Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere, created by the same team that created the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere.  Despite the orange color, the hardware is actually identical and all features for the Madventure 360 will eventually be added to the Mi Sphere.  Please see here for a detailed explanation.

Madventure 360
Madventure 360

How do I get a discount?  How do I get the best deal for a Xiaomi Mi Sphere?
See this link for a list of discount codes for Xiaomi Mi Sphere.

Should I buy from Gearbest or from some other site?
In one word: SUPPORT.  I recommend Gearbest because if there is a problem with the order, and if you bought through my affiliate links above, my Gearbest representative can try to help you.   Of course, I can’t promise they will fix every problem or if you misused the camera (e.g. by dropping it or by using it underwater without a housing).  However, they can do their best to help you because they value their relationship with 360 Rumors.  If you have a problem with the order just contact me via Facebook.com/360rumors, provide the order number and your email address, and describe the problem.  After they verify the order, they will contact you.

Which phones are compatible with Xiaomi Mi Sphere?
You can stitch Xiaomi videos with the PC app or with the smartphone app.  Mi Sphere is compatible with Android and iOS, but you can only get the full video resolution if the processor is sufficiently powerful and supported by the app. Otherwise, the video resolution and sometimes the photo resolution will be lower. Please check this table.  As of July 2017, the cheapest phone that can export Xiaomi videos at full resolution is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (around $170).

How good is the image quality?
As of September 2018, the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere has the best photo quality among 360 cameras under $400 and has very good video quality among 360 cameras under $400.  Proof:
See my review, which has a photo and video comparison with the Samsung Gear 360 2017, Samsung Gear 360 2016, Insta360 Nano, Insta360 Air, Ricoh Theta.
See this in-depth comparison against the Samsung Gear 360 2017.
See this photo and video comparison against the $799 Garmin Virb 360.
See this comparison against the Nikon Keymission 360, the Kodak SP360 4K Dual Pro, and the 2017 Gear 360.

Can the Xiaomi be used for Google Street View?
Yes.  The Mi Sphere now has 360 metadata for photos, GPS tagging option, and has an intervalometer.  These features make it suited for mapping.

How good is the stabilization?  The Xiaomi’s stabilization is excellent. See this stabilization comparison versus a $799 Garmin Virb 360.  Note: the drifting has now been fixed as of version 1.8.3 of the app.

Where do I download the app / software?
– The latest apps are available here.
Mi Sphere Windows appMadventure Windows app.  Note: the Mi Sphere and Madventure apps appear identical except for the color scheme.
Mi Sphere Mac app.
Mi Sphere Android appMadventure Android app.
Mi Sphere iOS app here
– If you want an older or newer unofficial version of the Android app, see Michel Mendes’ archive here.

How do I upgrade firmware?  Where is the latest firmware?  Do I have the latest firmware?   Latest firmware download page Installation guide: See this tutorial here.  If you want to upgrade the firmware via Micro SD card, pls. see here.

How do I upgrade the app?  How do I download the latest app?  See this tutorial here.

What kind of Micro SD card should I get?  I keep getting a warning that I need to use a recommended SD card.
Due to the Mi Sphere’s high video resolution, you need to use a Micro SD card with a U3 speed rating.  The faster the Micro SD speed, the longer you can record without the camera overheating.  If the card is very slow, you may get dropped frames.  The best Micro SD card right now is the Sandisk Extreme Pro (32GB or 64GB or 128GB), which I sometimes use but it costs more.  I use the Samsung EVO Select Micro SD (64GB or 128GB) with no issues.
Even if you get an Sandisk Extreme Pro, you’ll still get a warning that you need to use a recommended SD card.

How much capacity do I need for the Micro SD card?  A one-minute video will take up approximately 300 MB (this will include the main video file and the small preview file).

Can the camera be connected to a USB power source while recording?  Yes.

How long can the camera record?  How long can it record before overheating?
The amount of time before overheating depends on the ambient temperature, air circulation, and the speed of your memory card.  In a small room with no fan and closed doors and windows (i.e., no ventilation and no air circulation), with a temperature of around 72 Fahrenheit, and using a Samsung EVO Select micro SD card (64GB), I was able to record 1 hour 35 minutes before the camera shutdown from overheating. Under the same conditions but plugged into a USB outlet, I recorded for 1 hour 45 minutes.  It is possible to record for longer duration under better conditions.

How do I turn on the image stabilization?
Tip 1: Turn on the camera, wait for the video LED light to turn on, then wait 5 secs for the gyro to warm up. Make sure the camera starts in vertical position, then you can begin recording.

Tip 2: Before you start recording, the camera must be upright.  Then you can start recording.  After you start recording, it can be any position.  If you start recording while the camera is not upright, e.g. horizontal, then its starting position will become what is considered “vertical” in the video.  So if it’s horizontal, it will remain horizontal.

What are the disadvantages of stabilization?
1. After a few minutes, the video will start to drift.  Here is how to fix the drift.  UPDATE: the drift has been fixed as of version 1.8.3 of the app.
2. There is a waviness in the video, like a heat wave effect.  It is most noticeable in static scenes.  UPDATE: this issue has been fixed as well.

How do I turn off stabilization?
Method 1: If stitching on the Xiaomi smartphone app, load the video in the gallery, then tap on the three dots on the lower right corner, then toggle the gyro correction off before exporting.
Method 2: If stitching on the Xiaomi desktop app, toggle the gyro correction off before exporting
Does the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere have live streaming?  No (as of August 2017).  There are rumors that it will be added.

Is the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere waterproof?
It is water resistant, but it is not waterproof.  If you want to use it underwater, please use this waterproof case.

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To try stitching yourself, you can try downloading these SAMPLE FILES (unstitched)

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Mi Sphere Converter
Mi Sphere Converter

Yoichi Hirota, developer of Theta Converter, has created an app for optical flow stitching of the Mi Sphere photos, called Mi Sphere Converter.  It can also be used for stitching RAW photos.  It has smoother stitching than the Mi Sphere app, and is useful for stitching raw files shot on version 1.8.4 of the app and above (the raw DNG files must be converted to JPG before processing with Mi Sphere Converter).  Here is a link to actual 360 samples.  The samples show smoother stitching for subjects at the stitch line even near the camera.  It also has more even blending of color.

Mi Sphere stitching can be seamless with MiSphere Converter
Mi Sphere stitching can be seamless with MiSphere Converter

The alpha version of the app is available here (it will work only until December 31).  The final version of the app is available here.

In order to use MiSphere Converter, you need to calibrate the lens.  Every camera has a unique calibration.  Here is a great tutorial by Janis Bertrands that shows the how and why of lens calibration, and how to use MiSphere Converter.   Eddie Pearce has also created a video tutorial for the lens calibration for Misphere Converter.

How do you download the unstitched photos from the Mi Sphere for stitching on MiSphere Converter? 

There are several ways to do it.  One way is to use the Micro SD card and a Micro SD card reader.  A second way is to use an OTG cable.  A third way is to do it wirelessly by connecting to your Mi Sphere and then using your browser to navigate to   Check out this tutorial by Pepe Vazquez (360 Tips & Tricks).

1. Connect to the MiSphere via wifi.  The default password is 12345678.  Do not launch the Mi Sphere app.
2. Open the browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome) and in the address bar, enter  (bookmark this for future reference).  This will show the directory of the Mi Sphere’s Micro SD card.

3. Go to the folder you want to download photos from (it’s arranged by date) and tap to select a photo.

4. When the photo is loaded, tap on it (on iPhone, tap and hold the photo for 3 seconds — do not use Force Touch).  A popup will ask if you want to save the image.  Save it.  The photo is now in your gallery (for iPhone, it will be under All Photos).
5. Repeat for all the photos.

MiSphere Converter is only for photos.  For videos, you can use Mistika VR (available here) for optical flow stitching.  Below is an easy tutorial for Mistika.  Although I used Garmin Virb for the tutorial, the same steps apply when using Mistika with Xiaomi Mi Sphere (yes there is a Mistika preset for Mi Sphere).


Madventure 360 camera
Madventure 360 camera

The Madventure 360 is a rebranded version of the Xiaomi, repackaged for Western markets. In addition to its distinctive orange color, the Madventure comes with the dedicated selfie stick, a GoPro-style adapter plus the usual accessories for the Mi Sphere.  The Madventure hardware is exactly identical to that of the Xiaomi Mi Sphere.  In terms of software features, as of March 2018, they are identical, although in the future, it is possible that MADV may add new features that might not be included in the Mi Sphere app.

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List of new features as of January 2018

In January 2018, Xiaomi app version 1.8.8 was released, which incorporates several features (some of these features were already released in version 1.8 and subsequent versions).
1. 4K resolution. Users can now select a resolution of 3840 x 1920. However, please note that the increased resolution is interpolated therefore there is no increase in actual detail. However, if you are editing the Mi Sphere footage with other 4K camera videos, it is easier not to have to resize the Mi Sphere.
2. Bullet time effect. In the video resolution, you can select a resolution of 2048 x 512 @ 120fps which allows you to shoot a hemispherical video at 120 fps. You ca use this video mode while spinning the Xiaomi around on a selfie stick to create a bullet time effect.
3. Improved exposure controls. The main window now includes exposure controls for ISO, shutter speed, and exposure compensation. You can also control white balance. This means you can make these adjustments without going through the menus.
4. Raw DNG photo mode. Xiaomi can take photos in DNG format. The double circular fisheye file would have to be stitched using software such as the MiSphere Converter.
5. In-camera photo stitching. There is an option for in-camera stitching for photos. The stitching will be template based (and therefore will not be as smooth as with in-app stitching), but this could be a time saver for people who need to take many 360 photos.
6. Bracketing. In the main window, while in photo mode, there is an option for bracketing, which can take 3 photos up to +/- 3EV.
7. Save to SD card. In the sign in screen of the app, when you click on “More Help,” there is a new option to save files to SD card (if your phone has a Micro SD card slot).
8. Battery meter. On the main screen, there is now a visual indicator for battery life.
9. Other improvements (from version 1.8)
– Intervalometer: among other things, this should enable you to take photos with a drone without using a remote control.
– Slow motion video mode
– GPS tagging for photos and videos
– You can now use the volume buttons on your phone as the shutter
– EXIF data added to photos
– Screen recording feature (overcapture effect). When viewing videos, there is an option called “Record” which lets you record the screen while playing back the video in either tiny planet view or spherical view. The result is a static 16:9 video that you can save as a separate file.
– Sharing to Weibo and VeeR.

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Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE selfie stick. Photo by Jose Mendes, used with permission.
Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE selfie stick. Photo by Jose Mendes, used with permission.

1.  Dedicated selfie stick (reviewed here).  A selfie stick made for the Xiaomi that is invisible to the Xiaomi and can control it without needing batteries or a wireless connection.

2. Selfie stick tripod.  Benro MK10 is invisible to the Xiaomi IF you remove the ballhead.  See here for more info.

3.  Here is a cheap selfie stick that is also invisible to the Xiaomi.  Available from Gearbest or Amazon.
4.  This is the best “Lens cap” for the Xiaomi.   See why. This pouch protects from dust and scratches, and can be used for cleaning. But it does not protect from drops.  You still need to use a camera case.
5. Silicone cover and lens cap for the Xiaomi. This is a soft silicone rubber cover for the Xiaomi, and includes a silicone rubber lens cap as well.  Note: I don’t know if it will have any effect on overheating but I use a similar lens cap for my Gear 360.
6. Camera case (rapid use) – See this demo video.  This camera case is useful both as a lens cap and as a camera case. I use it with the Agent 8 microfiber pouch above.

7. Camera case (crushproof) – See this demo video.  The video shows a Virb 360 but it also fits the Xiaomi.
8. Camera case (waterproof)See this demo video.
9. Faster way to transfer videos: use a Micro SD card reader.  Using the Wi-Fi is slow and the camera heats up.

  1. NEW! Dedicated Bluetooth Remote

Madv is releasing a dedicated Bluetooth remote accessory for the Mi Sphere (also works with Madventure).  It will be available on Amazon in April 2018, although price hasn’t been announced as of Feb. 8, 2018.  Here is a video tutorial and demo:

How to pair the remote:
1. Turn on your camera. Wait for it to finish the startup.
2. Turn on the remote by pressing the shutter or power button. The remote will be in pairing mode.
3. Double-click the camera’s Wi-Fi button. You will hear a double beep. The camera and remote will pair with each other in a few seconds.
4. If the remote timed out it will say “Any key pairing”, just press any button to enter pairing mode again. And double click the Wi-Fi again.

1. Power button (on the side) to switch between photo or video mode.
2. Shutter button to start/stop video or take a photo.
3. Hold down the settings button to bring up the settings menu. In the settings menu, press the power button to move between the options, shutter button to select the option.
4. If the camera goes to sleep from inactivity, you can remotely wake it up by pressing any button on the remote.
5. Hold down the remote’s power button to turn off both the camera and the remote.

The maximum range is 30 meters (without obstructions).  Besides being a faster way to connect remotely to your camera, the remote accessory may save battery for your camera (and definitely your phone!).  I will conduct further tests.


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1. “Black Hole” or “Dracula” issue:  With some Android phones

xiaomi mi sphere half black screen (black hole issue) problem and solutiion
Xiaomi Mi Sphere half black screen (black hole issue) problem and solution

In some Android phones, the preview does not show one of the lenses, resulting in a “black hole.”  To fix it, upgrade the app to or above and toggle the option for rendering issue auto fix.  When you take a photo or video, you’ll have 8 possible patches, and the app will cycle through them one by one to see which one works for your specific phone.  If a patch doesn’t work, select “Try the next one.” When you find a patch that works for your phone, tap on the button “normal,” and the patch will be applied going forward.  More information about the black hole issue here.

2. HOW TO FIX BUZZING XIAOMI MIJIA MI SPHERE; How to update the firmware

Some users have reported that their cameras are producing a clicking or buzzing noise that is most noticeable when in a quiet room. According to Madv engineers, this is a bug. The solution is to upgrade the firmware to or later. Check if your app makes that firmware available (here’s how). If the firmware is not available via the app, you’ll have to update the firmware manually by downloading it to a Micro SD card. The firmware is available here.

Here’s how to upgrade the firmware via Micro SD:
1. Make sure your camera has a full charge.
2. After downloading the firmware in .zip format, rename the .zip firmware file to “MadvSysFW.zip” If files extensions are hidden in your computer, just name it “MadvSysFW”. The filename is very important. If it is not called MadvSysFW.zip, your camera could be bricked.
3. In your Micro SD card, find a directory called “update” (if there isn’t one, create that directory). Delete all the files in that directory.
4. Copy the “MadvSysFW.zip” file to the update directory on the Micro SD card.
5. Turn off the camera and insert the Micro SD card to the camera.
6. While the camera is off, hold down the Wi-Fi button and press the power button (use a short press for the power button).
7. when the Photo and Video LED lights are flashing, you can release the Wi-Fi button. The flashing lights mean that the firmware is updating.
8. When the firmware update is complete, there will be a chime and the camera will shut off.
9. Turn the camera on. It will restart one more time.

3. I got my Xiaomi but it can’t take a photo or video.  The LED only flashes red and blue when I take a photo or video.  What should I do?

This means your SD card needs to be formatted.  To be safe, format it with the Xiaomi Mi Sphere app.  In the camera mode, go to settings on the upper right corner.  In the settings page, near the bottom you will see a format function.

4. The firmware update failed.  My camera has been bricked.  What do I do? How do I do a factory reset?

There are 2 steps for a factory reset:
1. Remove the Micro SD card, backup the files, format the card and reinsert it in the camera.
2. While the camera is off, press the Wi-Fi button (the middle button), then hold the power button until the two LED lights on the front of  the camera start flashing.




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  • Great article! I have a suggestion that i am sure many photographers will love, since you can play in so many ways wirh the exposure time the mi sphere offers it would be awesome to release some kind of nd filters to allow daylightg long exposure shots! I had seen a post where a theta s was wrapped is some kind of nd “wrap” if developing filters is too complicated

    • Hi Daniele. The challenge with an ND filter is that the filter itself could show up within the field of view of a Xiaomi. An ND wrap might be possible and I have something in mind that I can try for that. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Great work! I’ve seen your list of compatible smartphones and I have a question. Do you know if the app works on an Android tablet (w/ 2 Gb RAM, WIFI, Snapdragon 625) instead of a high-end smartphone? Thanks.

    • Hi Jesus. To be honest, I don’t know. I do know it works on a Redmi Note 4, which has Snapdragon 625. The good thing though is that you can use a PC to stitch now. Best regards, Mic

      • Thanks Mic. My idea is to use a tablet only as camera viewer instead of smartphone, the stitching better done in desktop PC.

        • Hi Jesus. In that case, it makes it more likely that you will be able to use the tablet for that purpose. I think it’s worth a shot!

          Best regards,

  • Thanks for an amazing website. Your videos made me get into 360 video. I actually bought two mijia’s and putting them to the test. Unfortunately,it is taking me hours to render the files from my iphone 6plus,iPad Pro, and my MacBook Pro(Bootcamp Windows) using MySphere PC stitching software.

    Is there a link with any recommendation for PC hardware requirements? I am considering building one for rendering.

  • Hi Mic,

    could you let me know how quickly the Xiaomi can shoot photos when triggered with the smartphone?

    The Ricoh Theta S has an 8 second delay between shots where you have to wait, and 24 seconds if you take an HDR picture.

    I wonder if the Xiaomi is faster.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Niklas. If I understand correctly, you want to know the amount of time between the photos. If I press the shutter repeatedly, I can take one photo every 2 seconds or so. Xiaomi has no HDR mode yet.

      Best regards,

      • Hey Mic,

        thanks for the reply, that is very useful to know!

        Is this time different when you use the physical camera button instead of the smartphone trigger?

        Because for the Ricoh, you can take multiple shots in quick succession (e.g. ever 1 second) when you use the hardware button because it buffers them (so you can take ~10 pics in quick succession until you have to wait for stitching), but this is not possible when using the app to remotely trigger it; with the app, one has to wait for the the 8s/24s stitching processing time.

        • I’ve bought the Xiaomi now.

          When using the app as trigger, I can take pictures every ~4.5 seconds (during which a spinner is shown).

    • It is about 3 seconds between shots when pressing the app button repeatedly.

      Using the app Intervalometer, it says every 2 seconds, but it is practically 4 seconds, in a test of 15 shots, 14 were 4 seconds apart and 1 was 3 seconds apart.

  • Hi just downloaded windows Mi shere app from your link… but window it runs in is is so TINY on my laptop… smaller than my galaxy S8!!…..how do I make it bigger please !
    (Microsoft Surface Notebook)

    • Hi Duncs. I’m not familiar with Surface. Can you see if you can run it on a normal Windows desktop to see if it works for you? If it does, then we know the issue is with Surface, and we can try to figure out why Surface is shrinking it. Does Surface shrink other apps?

      Best regards,

  • I am not sure if the community is aware of the official Mi Sphere Software/Firmware download links so here they are:

    Windows PC Stitching Client – VERY Buggy & Slow – No GPU Hardware Acceleration Supported – http://madv360.com/pcdownload.html

    Android IOS App – Fully Functional however Still Buggy – http://www.madv360.com/appdownload.html

    Device Firmware – Often later/more_recent version compared to the one offered via online app updates – http://www.madv360.com/firmware.html

    Be aware that often latest sw/fw releases are introducing NEW bugs and they creating additional picture & video issues deteriorating the overall image quality. So in mi sphere’s case “latest” does not mean “greatest” by definition …

  • Do you know if I can easily invert the image/video taken with this camera? I ask because I want to try attaching it upside down to a drone so I can take aerial 360 footage. But the selfie stick connects to the bottom of the camera, meaning that it would be inverted.

    • Fewer errors, nice quality rendering (except for the wavy lines). The new 1.8.3 might look even better.

      Best regards,

  • hi Mick. First thanks for your kindness and your good work. I am not as active here as i would like, but i want to tell your that i have a vernee apollo (helio x25 and 2K screen) I would like to tell you that the app works like a charm on this phone, and you should add it in the list.


  • Hi MIC,

    Great article,

    I would like to know photosphere from mi sphere that are uploaded to Google Street if they will be considered towards Google street view certified photographer.


  • Hi Mic and folks

    I would like to recommend some improves to Xiaomi Mijia Mi 360° Sphere

    – The application for Android ( xiaomi mi 5s) generates better videos than the one for computers ( intel i7, 16gb, nvidia 960, win7, ssd128gb)
    – The camera should have a mode in which it could be switched on via the mobile with which it is paired. For this reason when turning it off from the mobile it should must have a mode that would allow it to be turned on from the mobile. With GoPro you can switch on and off the camera from its remote control.
    – If we want to record with the camera placed in a different angle to the horizontal (upside down or inclined), although it could be turned off and turned on over and over, the camera should always “keep” the same horizon line for the optical stabilizer, even if you turn it off and then on again, until you would want to change it, then you could save a new horizon line, being saved until you would want to change it again and although the camera turns off.

    These improvemets would be very usefull for those ones, like me, who uses the camera remotely, in my case flying with a plane, and the camera is located outside the cabin.

    • Thanks for these suggestions Tomas! You may want to post them on the Facebook Mi Sphere group, where there are several xiaomi engineers.
      Best regards,

  • Hi Mic.

    I am a big fan of your blog.
    I watched all the mijia 360 videos, but my note 8 can’t be connected with mijia 360.
    They are connected few seconds, but disconnected right away.
    Do you have same issue with your s8+?
    Please tell me the solution if you are available.

    • Hi Andrew! Thanks for reading 360 rumors and watching my videos. I haven’t had any issues connecting between my s8+ and the mi sphere. There are many possible reasons. To narrow down the possible causes, do you have another phone for testing? Just temporarily, you could also try forgetting your other networks. I think you should post this issue to the mi sphere group on FB where there are several xiaomi engineers.

      Best regards,

  • “As of July 2017, the cheapest phone that can export Xiaomi videos at full resolution is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (around $170).”
    it’s not true!!! I bought a 4x note with 4 gig ram and 64 rom
    and the resolution is 1920×960.
    then, because after a while the room becomes hot? why when does my camera shoot every now and then the smartphone crashes and does not let me turn off / stop the camera?

  • Hello, I just bought this nice camera… But can’t find anywhere the remote for it… Is it available for purchase yet?

  • Hi,

    I am new user of Mijia 360. Downloading pictures from camera is easy an simple. I can view it in google pictures or GoPro VR viever.
    But I have problem with videos. I can’t view them in PC. When I am connected to camera, I can view it with internal Mi Sphere player, but after transcoding I have no video on file.
    Could you be so kind and give instructions how open videos on PC ?

    My stuff:
    Phone Huawei P9 Lite (Android 7.0)
    Mi Sphere Camera (Android version) ver.
    Mi Sphere Camera (PC version) ver.
    Windows 7 Pro 32-bit


  • 1. What is the GPS resolution in feet. I now have the Theta V and it’s resolution is only 70-80 feet and that’s not good enough for google street view. Ricoh says they are looking into it.

    1a. Also what is the GPS resolution in digits? Theta V is only 2 decimals, that’s the problem.

    3. Can the MI have it’s time set, Theta cannot, it gets it from the phone, but I haven’t been able to reset it and it’s 11 seconds different from the phone and that’s a problem for google street view when syncing with a phone or standalone GPS logger.

    Thanks Mike

  • Hi can u make a tutorial to show workflow on how to use this Camera to upload 360 photos to Google Street View App? Or post a link if there already is one?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Mic, I’m brand new to 360’s, received my camera today but can’t get past the login to the app. Get a “Error logging in” regardless of how I do it (email, facebook or google sign-in). No information provided as to what/where the problem is. Any suggestions?

  • After one week of intensive use in photo mode during a trip in Italy, I can say this camera is really good! I downloaded some extra desktop apps:

    – Ricoh Theta for fast viewing
    – Insta360Studio for fast alternate views that can be exported (such as tiny planets)
    – Hugin for horizon correction when I do fast pictures with selfie stick that are not level…
    – I also use Domemaster Photoshop actions to convert equirectangular photos to tiny planets so that I can erase the tripod or myself with clone stamp, before converting back to equirectangular. Works like a breeze.

    However, the Xiaomi desktop app is a mess if you want to convert the double circular fisheye pictures directly from the SD card to 360, it really doesn’t work good. The best thing to do is to download all pictures in your phone (they get converted then), then use airdroid app to send them to your desktop computer.

    Connection is not very stable on my phone (Honor 7) after one or two minutes… I often have to reconnect but it is fast…

  • Hello! At first I could not install the latest Android APK V. on my Sony Xperia XZ Premium Android 8.0. It was not jet available via Playstore.
    I finally got it right but I had to delete the previous App on the phone before. So I lost my works when running the new version but that does not matter. They are backuped on SD Card of my phone. It would be nice to have the English manual also beeing updated to see also the new functions listed up there an a short description on how to use them.
    Greetings from Germay
    Dieter von der Heide

  • Halo..i’am user of mijia 360, i got a big problem about this cam and i need your help  

    The problem is, my camera lens has broke :((
    It fall down and crush the lens..is there a way to fix this? Can i claim the warranty or if cannot where can i buy the spare parts? Thanks before

    • It has a few built-in filters and you can change the projection from normal to tiny planet to rectilinear etc. But you can edit the Xiaomi photos in Theta app if you want.

    • Thanks Mihir. Yes that was the goal — to have one resource for everything so you don’t have to hunt everywhere. If there’s anything else you’d like to be added, please let me know 😀
      Best regards,

  • Ug.. Mine just arrived and although it looks like it is charging, ti will not power on, even while connected to the power.. any suggestions?

      • I will add a comment over here, looks like there is no empty box for comments. Anyway:
        – I like your way to add new comments to previous posts, and keep it updated.
        – looks like the Mi Selfie stick discharge the battery, just happened once, need to test again
        – no sign about the gopro to mi camera adapter as standalone (as into the MAdv 360 package?)

  • Hi,

    I just got my MI Sphere 360, and updated the firmware and installed the Madventure app from Michel Mendes’ website. I noticed that not only is 4k (3840 x 1920) option available, but there’s a high bitrate option there too. I’m very new to the 360 game, so not sure whether I should use that high bitrate option, or just the normal 4k. Thanks.

    • Hi Ernest. Congratulations on getting the Mi Sphere! Yes the high bitrate option has a bit better dynamic range. But fyi it’s also available in the 1.8.4 version of the Mi Sphere app.
      Best regards,

    • I just got my Mi Sphere, but I can’t enable 4K. When I open the Madventure app, it wants to connect to a “QJXJ-” wifi network, and my Mi Sphere is a “MJXJ-” network. I can’t seem to bypass this requirement; I can’t rename the wifi network prefix in the Mi Sphere app, and the Madventure app doesn’t connect to the camera, so I can’t enable 4K.

      When I click the camera icon in the Madventure app and connect to my Mi Sphere, it pops up with the error message ‘Please connect to Wifi starts with “QJXJ” ‘.

      How did you guys do it? Is there some trick I’m missing? I downloaded the latest firmware for the camera, and I’m using the only version of the Madventure app that’s available on the site.

      • Hi Stephen. The app version that I’m using is, available on Michel Mendes’ site: ez-team.com/xiaomi.html . Mine is able to connect to the camera without problem. Michel did mention that Madv app is not supposed to be able to connect to the xiaomi app, so maybe you have a newer version that blocks the connection by changing the network name.
        Best regards,

        • Same story here – installed the app from Michel … and can’t connect to the Mi Sphere. Network name beginning with “QJXJ” required. Jumped into the old Mi Sphere app and tried to change the network name in the WIFI-Settings: does not allow me to change the first four letters ;-). No chance to get connected to the Madventure app.

          What can we do?

          • i am on camera firmware
            Madventure 360 works
            Mi Sphere 1..8.4.15862 works
            Android 6.0.1
            I can switch from those two app and connect no problem.

      • Hi Stephen,
        I had the same problem but the new Madventure 360 app from Google Play (version connected with the “MJXJ-” network 😉

        • Hi all, thank you Mic for this article! Only one suggestion: I have the Mijia 360 and the original stick; with the latest Madventure 360 app ( if I use the stick I am not able to connect to the camera (ask for QJXJ- network) without the stick I am able to connect 😉

  • Please help. I decided on the mijia mi sphere because of your reviews, I just got it in the mail and I have a few questions.
    1. I have an iPhone and MacBook. What software would you recommend for editing my videos?
    2. What resolution settings should I use to get great quality videos and photos?
    3. Even when I set the resolution to the highest, the recorded video playback on the iPhone still looks low resolution.

    • Hi Diji! Congratulations on getting the Xiaomi and thank you very much for your support!
      1. For stitching, you need to use iPhone because there is no Mac version of the Mi Sphere app so far. For actual editing, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro or FCPX, both of which can use the Dashwood plugin for 360 videos (now free for Mac).
      2. Use the highest setting, which is 6912 x 3456 for photos, or 3456 x 1728 high bit rate mode for videos. If you know how to edit in raw, use the raw shooting mode and stitch with MiSphere Converter.
      3. The video playback on iPhone that you’re seeing is probably the preview mode. Pls. stitch and export. You should see the full detail.
      Best regards,

      • I have the same setup (iPhone 6s Plus 64G and MacBook Pro 2018 with Touch Bar) and 128G card in my Adventure. When I go to stitch and export videos I get “remaining storage space is not enough” when I have a single 4 minute video and nothing more. I have about 32 gigs on my phone, hundreds of gigs on my SD card. Is this an actual space issue or am I missing something?

  • Thank you for this article! I really appreciate your efforts in compiling all of this information. I’ve just purchased the camera at Gearbest using your link (its cost was just 206 USD) and also some suggested accessories at Amazon.

  • Thanks for all the effort, I’m still waiting for my MiSphere that I order on last Thursday, most probably I’ll received it by next week, still have a lot of thing to learn with the new toy, I think this page have all i need.

    Please take note, I just notice the madventure app is back on the google playstore yesterday, the new version number is

    And sorry for my poor English.

  • Hello Mic or Dieter,
    i tried to install the app on 2 different smartphones with the latest Android version as well on a new Samsung tablet. In all 3 cases i got the message from play-store “Your device is not compatible with this version”. Is this app not for the german/european market?

    Greeting from Germany

    @Mic, thank you for your interesting and helpful site about 360 Cameras and good luck for the future

  • Mic, without the work you do, I would have given up on producing 360 pics and vids! Where can I send you a donation to have a meal on me? Check your Twitter feed as well!

    Please keep doing what you do; I have much more to learn ;).

    Thank you & cheers,

    Eric A.

    • Thanks Eric! I really appreciate your support! You can support 360 Rumors in two ways: first, by sharing my links with your friends or posting them on other forums you go to. Second, through affiliate links. Thank you very much!
      Best regards, Mic

  • Super web site, I am happy to read it. Ofcourse like the owner on Xiaomi Mijia 360 I have questions that nobody can answer, that so much new tech for most of the people and I will be very thankfull if somebody reply me. My big question from long time ago is Can I take single lens photo with Mijia 360 which will not be 360 degrees ofCorse , just like most of the action cameras or all that I can do is to make it by software after. The other one is not so important to me I am just curious with what purpose the Mijia 360 had Bluetooth I still don’t get it. Thank you very much in advance and I am so sorry if that was disused below , I check but couldn’t find anything.

    • Re single lens photo, you can crop the 360 photo using Insta360 Studio or other software. Re bluetooth, i don’t know why either. there’s no compatible remote yet.

  • Hello, I just purchased the xiaomi sphere camera. Can someone help me. I just do not understand what I am doing wrong. I cannot transfer any video to you tube in 360. Always appears as flat image. I first thought perhaps missing megadata so I got VRFix and that didn’t work either. I am using an iphone 6s. Also, quality looks bad on youtube with flat mode. Please anybody, what is the procedure to get 360 view in youtube. What is the procedure,
    What am I doing wrong. Camera tells me I have the latest software. Thanks

  • Hi, great video! I bought the camrea after seeing this. One major problem I am having though. I recorded a video for about 10 minutes (just powering on then pressing the video button – not using the app). So then I connect the camera to my pc and download the file but it has split the video up into lots of different files, some lasting around a minute, some a little longer its. I know the smaller file sizes are the preview files so I ignore them. So now I have the files convereted and in Adobe Premier and I see that lots of what I recorded has been missed. The video icon would be solid red for a minute then flash on and off for a minute then go back to being solid red again. It seems that when it is flashing it is not recording. The battery was full. I have now lost half of what needed to be recorded due to this. Has anyone else had this problem and do thye know of a fix?

    • Hi Ian. Congrats on getting the Xiaomi! About the red light, I am guessing that your Micro SD card is not fast enough. You need to make sure your Micro SD card has U3 speed. See the article for some recommended micro SD cards. Also, i recommend joining the Mi Sphere Facebook group which has some Xiaomi / Madv engineers facebook.com/groups/mijia360cam . Thank you very much.
      Best regards,

    • Hi Ian,

      I experienced the same problem: Before this, I used a ‘normal’ microSD card and was able to record 25-45 minutes without disruption. Between this, the red camera light flashes very fast. Today I ordered one of the recommended sd cards “Lexar 633x” – but still I experience this issue (anyhow, the disruption duration is shorter than before.. but ~45 seconds is too short!).

      I ordered the Sandisk Extreme Pro (32GB)… Hopefully this will work out properly.

      • As written, I received my Sandisk Extreme Pro (32GB) microSD card and now I’m able to record 360° movies in highest resolution without any disruption 🙂

        So.. to be sure, DON’T order the Lexar card..

    • @Mic Ty: could you, please, update this section “Where do I download the app?
      – Please download the Windows app here” with the link I posted above? Your link doesn’t work. Thanks! Other than that, thanks for collecting everything useful here for this gorgeous 360 cam!
      And Merry Christmas to you and everyone else too!

  • Hello, can someone please help. As per my previous post. I cannot get anykind of 360 video on youtube with my Xiaomi sphere. All I get is flat video. I am so disapointed. I bought everything including selfie stick case all from Gearbest. I am using iphone 6s and I have all the latest firmware from xiaomi and the app. I am so frustrated I will throw all this into the garbage. I take video, then I download it to local and then i donload it to camera roll. When I take it from camera roll or madv adventure rollfrom my iphone and then download it to youtube it always appears FLAT. The video on this site is outdated. Can someone please put a video with IPHONE or explain to me step by step on how to post 360 view on youtube. I even used vrfix and that doesnt work either. I have had this canera for weeks and I am so frustrated. Please anyone.

  • Hi Mic, the link from Janis Bertrands for the Sphere Converter doesn’t work. Can you fix it?

    For me it isn’t exactly clear which pictures i can convert with that. When i shot normal jpeg and transfer them to my phone via the xiaomi app i lost the two-ball-image. Have i shot in raw and then convert it on the phone to jpg and then use the Mi Sphere Converter? Can you explain the workflow or share the link?

    Tnx a lot Mic

  • Hi Mic,
    Thank you for all the info. I have just taken possession of my new Mi Sphere. I am a complete novice. Could you or anyone explain the steps, its all a bit confusing, and there is seemingly a lot of different software that does similar stuff. At the minute all I know is , take a 360 photo, and then it needs to be stitched ( I presume)to be able to be viewed on a screen that can then be moved around by the person viewing it…
    Thats about it!
    Any help very much appreciated

    • Hi JP! Congratulations! Check out my Mi Sphere tutorial. It was made for an older version of Mi Sphere but the steps are still pretty much the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxuwONmLTGE
      I also highly recommend joining facebook.com/groups/mijia360cam which is like a forum for the Mi Sphere. Lots of knowledgeable folks.

      Best regards,

  • Hi from Mexico you’re research are so usefull . You know if there’s a way to use gopro fusion studio with the xiaomis files . I can’t open anything and I thing it’s the easyest software now and avaliable for pc and Mac

  • Is it possible to update the firmware of the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere with the latest Madventure 360 firmware with the Madventure 360 app?

  • Hi there!
    First of all I want to thank you for tremendous work for you’ve done on 360 cameras, which led me to decision of purchasing Xiaomi camera and I’m very happy with this choice. I would really appreciate if you, as an expert, will answer few questions:
    1. While trying to edit RAW images in Adobe Lightroom, I’ve noticed a possible color profile issue, images are so dull, even for a RAW files, they’re almost B&W. Is this supposed to be so?
    2. Ricoh Theta S is no rival for Xiaomi regarding still 360 images, but on looking on some Google Street View shots made by Theta S, I’ve found that a lot of them has resolution of 10240×5120 px sharp images, which is a whooping 52mp and they do look much better and crisper and cleaner than mine. How is it possible? since that camera has only 14mp for still images? Even my Xiaomi lags behind with its 24mp and I’m concerned if there is some sort of special technique involved?

        • Thank you Klaus for the fast reply.
          I tried both the software you suggested (Madventure 360) and Mi Sphere Camera v. but I faced the same problem: when I press “export” this error message appears: “videoXXX.mp4 TransCoding Failed”.
          Any suggestions?

          • “I have modified the metadata with 360.Video.Metadata.Tool.win.” – Did you do this before using Madventure 360? Try the original video as it comes directly from the SD card.

            I have made the experience that Mi Sphere files (photos) processed with some other app (here: HDR programme) will not be handled by the Madventure programme without giving notice to the user. These Madventure apps are efficient but have a primitive user interface.

          • Thanks for the advice. It was the original file after it was downloaded to the computer. Finally the solution was to stitch the file from the sd card and not the downloaded file.
            Thanks again 🙂

  • Hi everybody. Recently I´ve noticed in My sphere camera app that when you want to record a previously download video -we have this option in the app and it was awesome, not now- you have a water mark “SHOT on my sphere camera”. We didnt have this before. Does any of you know if it is possible to erase this watermark?

    Thnaks for your help.


  • Hi there!
    Great review!
    i have a question about duration of the clips. I want to use this camera for a long period, during the day and i have to start and stop the camera often. My clips are about 2 min, what is the best accessories like power bank and SD to be sure that i can make it. Obviously i have about 200 objects to film, each 2 min. I will be very thankfull if you can help me !! Kind regards

    • 200x2min=400min 1min=400MB at max. Settings. Means in total 160GB, so I would suggest a 256GB SD-Card. I think any powerbank should handle this. 10000-20000mAh.


      • Thank you Andreas! The problem is that the camera handle only 128 Gb.
        About the power bank I don’t know which one is good enough for Xiaomi and much more portable?

        • 128Gb, right, then you will need two of this cards, or reduce resolution and Bitrate.

          The internal accu is 1600mAh, so the best will be you make a runtime test, how many minutes of Video in your resulution will be recorded until the cam runs out of power. Then just multiply how large the powerbank must be. Maybe somebody has already done such a test?


  • MIc,

    Thanks for updating already a great article!.
    I just received Mi Sphere from GearBest and although the quality of the camera is much better than Theta S especially at the edge clarity, I noticed the output shows slight different color temperatures. One side shows warm and other shows cool blueish. Is this something common or should I exchange the unit? The difference is much noticeable where stitch occurs. I wonder using post app like Mi converter should fix it to blend them….


    • Hi Matt. Please update to the most recent firmware. This was an issue early on, but it was fixed by firmware several months ago.

      Best regards,

      • Mic,

        Thanks for the reply on this. Unfortunately the firmware is up to date ( with app 1.8.8 (IOS). So may be mine is optically not calibrated correctly.. 🙁 I wish I can send you a sample pic to see.


        • Mic,

          Bit of update. Changed photo resolution from 6912X3456 (Stitched) to 6912X3456 has improved the picture from clear differentiation of the lens color to bit of blended. However, its still noticeable when the subject is flat like a white wall.


      • Hi Mic! When i try to install the most recent firmware i have trouble with the file from ez..I followed the steps and put the renamed file into my SD , but is still the same. Can you help me to figuer out the problem and to install the new firmware.Thanks

  • Can ou take a pic with just the front lens? That way you can take a wide angle shot and not be in the pic.

    • Hi Bill! no there is on front lens mode but you can crop the 360 photo to just a wide angle shot.

      best regards,

  • Hi Mic

    How can I get a video I have shot off the camera and onto my MacBook Pro in VR so I can post it online or put on a usb and play on my PSVR?

    Thank you

  • GoPro Fusion have “burst photo mode” with claimed) up to 30 fps continuous shoting.
    So my question is: how fast can Xiaomi shot photos (in full resolution) in continuous mode in typical outdoor day conditions (e.g. shutter 1/100)?

    I ask about this, because an example Theta S can shot photos continuously every 5 or 8 seconds(!). So it can be called “Ricoh anti-bust mode”.

    I’m curious how fast series of photos can be taken on Xiaomi.

  • Hi i ordered one and just arrived today.. however i cannot turn it on and when i try to charge it , the battery indicator flashes red and blue.. any idea what to do ?? thank you

    • Hi Justin. That means your card needs to be formatted. Format it in the xiaomi app if possible. The format command is in the settings.

      Best regards, Mic

  • HELP : Firmare Killed Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE 360

    Hey all I received my mi sphere 360 camera and everything was perfect until i updated the firmware via Micro SD, Now the camera wifi will not light up and it doesn’t connect to my phone, Any Help Would be greatly appreciated, (is there anyway to do a factory reset and would this help).

  • Hola! What about the warranty for buyers from other countries? I am from Russia, and here everything is very bad with Xiaomi products: prices, availability of products and so on. The manufacturer obliges to provide warranty service only for goods that have been certified for Russia, and which have been sold in Russia. In other words, if I purchase this camera in another country (for example, in China or the US), then I will not be able to receive proper warranty service in my country.
    How should I be, if I buy a camera through GearBest? Probably I need to talk with technical support about this.

    Best regards, Paul

  • Hi Mic,
    Love your video’s.
    I’ve got a gear 360 2017 but I’m thinking of buying the Xiaomi mi sphere.
    I love to take little planet photo’s, mostly with my dslr.
    I’m a mac user and I want to stitch the photo’s with Ptgui.
    Is it possible to send or post a right out of camera picture?
    The jpg and the DNG so I can see if it is easy for me to correct the contrast, wb, …. And if I can stich it easily.



    • Thank you very much Andy! With a 360 camera, you’ll find that it’s so easy and convenient to take tiny planet photos that I am betting you’ll take many more of them, more frequently, and with more experimentation and variety. Whatever you lose in image quality will be more than offset by your creative opportunities with a 360 camera.
      Mi Sphere is an excellent choice because of its very good image quality for photo (detail, dynamic range, stitching) and controls. You can stitch the photos with PTGui if you want. Unstitched double fisheye photos can be downloaded directly from the memory card. You’ll need to split them up or else use masking. Here is a sample unstitched photo https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4RnW2_ZeadSX1ZzOU92YUM3cXM The DNG files are also double fisheye photos like this. One issue with the DNG is that there can be a magenta tint in highlights. Here’s what I do to fix them: https://360rumors.com/2017/11/technique-getting-rid-magenta-cast-adobe-dng-raw-files.html
      Best regards,

      • Hi,

        I have purchased Mi Sphere about a week ago for our UK company but having issues with it.
        Firmware I have is

        1. You get visible ugly stitch when shoot indoor/outdoor and way to improve that?
        2. Mi Sphere automatically stitches images, how to download unstitched photos so I can use MiSphere Converter
        3. I can select 2 out of 3 resolutions, but I can’t select max resolution + RAW, it selects it but does not save/apply change

        Kind Regards

  • Hi, i damaged the lens when the wind blew my tripod over. Is it possible to get a replacement lens and if so where ?

  • Nice faq page. I have one thing that I think it’s imprecise, a plastic bag shouldn’t be compared to a waterproof case, since it will affect the lens performance dramatically.

  • Greetings Mic,

    I must congratulate you on the exceptional work , you have been indeed the reason why i bought the Xiaomi sphere , no regrets so far , my only issue is i am very new at this , and it seems that there is no all in on inclusive solution (software wise) that takes full on the workflow for xioami .. (i am a mac user)

    Connect to Xiaomi > import the unstitched media > stitch the media > enhance and edit > reframe resize..> do advanced production and post productions in easy way such as over capture > render > export to social media

    i could be massively wrong here , and there is such a magical software that is VERY easy to grasp for newbies like me and has way less fiddling with numbers , filters , resolutions ..etc.. and more drag and drop visually… Adobe for me is very complicated… 🙂

    if there is , can you recommend something , perhaps post a video that walks you through from grass roots to tree tops ? … doing this on a mobile phone although practical and fast , but it does not necessarily produce the best quality nor it would allow to do BATCH…

  • Mic thanks for all the great work, of you could only get one camera for all around use, Photo and video which would it be? Under $500, so no fusion or Virb. I understand it’s a subjunctive question but with all your experience with all the different cameras I thought you would have great insight. I am guessing it will be a shootout between the yi, theta, and mi

    • Hi Kelsey. My top choices right now under $500 would be
      – Yi 360 VR for video quality (photo resolution is not very high)
      – Theta V for ease of use
      – Insta360 ONE for dynamic range and features (including the upcoming stabilization improvement)
      – Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere for value for money (as long as you have Windows)
      I’m actually working on a more comprehensive analysis.
      Best regards, Mic

  • Has anyone had an issue with live view, via the phone app(either Madv360 app or MiSphere)? I have the Madventure, sd card Samsung EVO Select 128GB, iPhone 7 (also tried my iPhone 6 no luck either). It will take pictures with no issues, seems to take video’s however, I can not get them to playback. The app seems to take forever to “sync as well” after the wifi connection has been established. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Jeff. I have an iphone 6 and haven’t had any problem. I will check again later. Meanwhile you can try to post to Facebook.com/groups/mijia360cam to see if madv engineers can help although it is currently a long new year holiday for China.

  • I look forward to Bluetooth remote. Mike if you have an opportunity to add a feature request. I have two Xiaomi Spheres. I would like to be able to shoot some (actually many) 3D images it would be great if the remote could fire both camera’s at the same time.

  • Just got my Mi Sphere this week and started playing with it. When my photos/videos are stitched, I can definitely see one half seems slightly darker than the other at the where they join. Is this normal?

      • That’s good. I suspect it is flare. If you turn on live view and aim the stitch line toward the main light source, do you still see the difference in brightness?

    • Congrats on getting the Mi Sphere, Andrew. Pls. post a sample to Facebook.com/groups/mijia360cam so we can all see and evaluate. It could be flare or any number of reasons.

    • It’s normal I had a exact question re light difference between 2 lens. Since one lens may get more light than the other, it’s the fate of 360 camera. Even you aim both lens to the single light source, you will see the color differences. How they compensate is done by the applicatio. For the photo make sure to set Non stitched resolution which will help a bit. But the Xiaomi app for the video won’t stitch great. Some invested on the android app called Misphere converter which provides better stitching.

      • Thanks! Is there any stitching app for Windows desktop that you could recommend? I prefer to pull the MicroSD straight from the camera and do things on my laptop rather than have to stitch on the phone.

  • Hi, I have bought xiomi mi sphere 360 camera using your coupon code on gearbest.
    I have one question for I did not get any answer yet.
    As I said, I have Mi Sphere 360 camera. I want to stitch that video footage on PC, edit that in premiere pro and view it in my smartphone. How can I do it? Which plugins are required (if any) for that? Also which app is required on smartphone to view that edited video. Waiting for ur reply. ( I am preferring free softwares)

    • thank you very much Arie! Also I hope you will join the Mi Sphere group on Facebook: facebook.com/groups/mijia360cam !

      Best regards,

  • Hi
    This camera is not always easy to understand how it works in terms of software. The raw files are written in DNG but Mi_Sphere_Camera_1.1.0.18 for PC app only reads PNG. If I convert the DNG file to PNG the app does not work. So for now the only way to take advantage of the DNG file is to use software like PTgui, for stitching the photo, right?

    • Hi Rui! Yes the workflow for DNG is to edit the DNG file (change the color temperature, etc.), then convert to JPG. When it is in JPG, you can stitch it using MiSphere Converter, PTGui, or some other app.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Chris. For my video, I used a suction cup mount to attach the Mi Sphere to my car. Please make sure the surface is totally clean (no dust, etc.). Best regards, Mic

    • Hi Audie! No only the dedicated BT remote will trigger the Mi Sphere. It may be possible to pair the Mi Sphere with a phone, and then use a generic Bluetooth remote to trigger the phone, to trigger the Mi Sphere, but that’s not really the same thing.

  • Please help!! I just bought the Mi Sphere and am having trouble loosing audio at the beginning or the last 3-5 seconds of my videos. I’ve tried recording with the app and with just the camera alone. I have an Iphone X and use a Samsung 64 Evo Select disc. The video is perfect on the SD card and I’m able to transfer it perfectly to the app. It’s when I export it to my phone camera roll that it looses the audio. Do you know of this happening? Is there something I can do because I really do like the quality of the Mi Sphere over the Insta360 One. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Hey Mic Ty,

    great website. I ordered the xiaomi sphere via your affiliate link from gearbest. However, after creating some videos it seems that they are not stitched on the camera. If I download the videos from the camera to my phone I’m able to download them to my mac or watch them with a video player on my android phone. They are unstitched but they are working. If I export them afterwards with the xiaomi sphere app then every media player on my phone has a message that the video format is unsupported and I’m not able to download them to my mac.
    Do you have any ideas?

    • Hey Mic,

      never mind I got it working. However, do you know if it is possible to use the 360one app with the freecapture edit mode to edit the videos? I can see my videos inside the app. If I open the freecapture mode everything stays black no video is shown. Likewise if I load a video in final cut pro x the 360 view modus is black as well.

      Thank you.

  • Hi there
    Latest Firmware and App for Iphone, but I cannot get any 360 GPS info in the exif to align in a mapping program I am using.
    I verified with a few apps that the exif info is just no there. Ether with downloaded photo or raw photo unstitched taken directly form the cam.
    I made sure location services is enable for MiSphere app but other then that see no other options for GPS tagging.

    Any offer any suggestions or confirm they are getting GPS tagging in their exif

    • Hi Chris. Sorry I haven’t tried that feature. Can you post to facebook.com/groups/mijia360cam ? There are Madv / xiaomi engineers in that group. Best regards, Mic

  • My Mi Sphere is starting to do some really weird things, and I’m wondering if it might be a hardware or software issue. I have both the latest app on my Samsung Galaxy S6, and the latest firmware in the camera. Have reloaded both several times.

    I suddenly noticed a new problem capturing raw files using the phone as a remote. Normally it would take a couple of seconds for the capture, but now it often doesn’t capture at all (the circle spins endlessly, and the app will eventually freeze). That does NOT happen when capturing regular jpegs. Nor does it happen when pressing the camera button directly. There seems to be no problem capturing video using the app as a remote. Has anyone had a similar problem?

    • I think there’s a software issue with the new updated firmware. I loose audio the last 3-7 seconds of my videos when exporting to my Iphone camera roll. I tt support yesterday and the manager said it sounds like a bug but everone in developement is on Chinese New Year vacation 🙁

  • Your fantastic review and in-depth videos on the Xiaomi Mi Sphere convinced me to buy one, thanks! Have also learned plenty about 360 photography from your site. Received my Xiaomi today and it looks and feels great. One question: how am I able to remove the bottom section of the video (me holding the camera above my head) and replace it with a logo?

  • Can’t wait for the Bluetooth remote.
    The range on the Wifi just isn’t good enough and the constant video preview is a battery killer.

    Bring it on 🙂

  • Hi, I got Mi Sphere but I can’t see photos and videos on app. All are black. I try to find other version of the App for IOS but I can’t find. Don’t know is the camera problem or the app?

  • Hi, I got Mi Sphere but I can’t see photos and videos on app. All are black. I try to find other version of the App for IOS but I can’t find. Don’t know is the camera problem or the app?

  • Hi,

    I dropped the Xiami Mi Sphere camera and the lens is now quite badly scratched at its center. I’m based in South Africa and there is no local Xiaomi agent that can assist me (I imported it from Hong Kong). Now that Xiaomi is no longer selling the product, do you know how I can get a replacement lens? Otherwise, do you have any tips on how to possibly work the scratch out of the lens? I have seen a number of remedies on the net but I’m not prepared to risk damaging the lens further. Please help.


  • Thanks for such a complete review. I only have one question, could I use the camera as WEBCAM in Windows OS?

    • Thanks Clydde! Xiaomi has an HDMI connector so if you have an HDMI input then it might be possible to do that although I haven’t tried it, and it will probably be double circular fisheye format.

      Best regards,

  • Hi Mic, may I ask if you have two Mi Spheres to test, if it is possible to remote two cameras with the new Bluetooth remote?

  • Hi everyone. I’ ve just bought this camera. How can I copy videos to my pc, do i need to use sd card reader? Last night I’ve connected this cam via usb cable on my windows pc, nothing happens. And what do you think about 64 GB sony extreme u3 sd card for this camera? Thank you.

    • Hi Jan. Congrats on getting the Xiaomi. If you connect via USB, it should show up as a drive on your PC. In any case, you can use micro SD to transfer the unstitched files to your pc then use the pc app to stitch.
      I haven’t tried sony extreme but as long as it is U3, it should work.
      Best regards,

      • hi Andy i assume you turned on your camera after it was connected? also try the original cable that was included with the camera. Some usb cables are for charging only, not data transfer

  • Hi Mic Ty,
    Can you share experience about battery life of Mi Sphere? I’ve just bought a new Sphere camera but the battery life seems so poor.

    The photo session began with fully charged camera battery, it took 34 photos within 1 hour , no video, downloaded 3 photos to phone and all remaining on card. After photo session, battery dropped to 5%. I used Samsung 64GB U3 card. Camera turned on and WiFi connect during session.

    • Hi Quang Nguyen Duc. Mine was able to record for more than 1.5 hours. Did you charge it until the LED turned blue? also, wi-fi will use up the battery quickly.
      Best regards,

    • I generally get about an hour of recording photos using the intervalometer at pretty much any setting. But I want to record more so I always attach a spare battery. Make sure you get an L USB cable pointing down so that it does not show in your pictures.

  • Hi,
    I am looking at getting a new phone and want it to work well with the Mi Sphere. On your list of compatible phones you have the Xiaomi Mi Note 4, but not the Xiaomi Mi A1. Is there a problem with the Mi A1? It looks the same. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Edward. The compatibility chart only lists phones that people have tested. Since there are many Android phones, it’s not possible to test them all. That’s why the compatibility chart includes the processor, which can give an idea of whether an untested phone might nonetheless be compatible. They seem to have the same chipset and RAM, so it’s very likely that the Mi A1 would work too, but I can’t be 100% sure.
      Best regards,

  • Hi Mic, I used your example of Unstiched Video in AutoPano Giga and Video. The resolution indicated by autopano is higher than 4k. You say that the 4k resolution is interpolated. Are you sure?
    If you want I’ll pass the template I built for use with Autopano Video.

  • For people who are looking for a desktop viewer on MacOS, I found “Dual-fisheye viewer” which does the job. There are unfortunately, no automatic calibration nor gyro stabilization but it’s much faster than downloading the movies from the iPhone to then convert them and upload to your mac.

  • Hi
    I have the mi sphere. I used to long press the shutter button for short videos. I took time lapse videos a couple of times and now when I long press the shutter it only takes time lapse not short videos. Whatever I did I couldnt fix that. I have reset the app, factory reset the cam but it is still the same. I want my short video shooting whenn I long press thw shutter back! Could you pls let me know how to do that again? Thnx

    • Hi Seza! In the app, go to video mode and above the shutter, select short video. The setting is “sticky” so whatever setting you choose will be retained even after you turn off the cam. Best regards, mic

      • Hi, I did the sam thing but no luck. It is still time lapse. Somehow this setting is stuck and not changing even after a factory reset?!

  • Xiaomi REALLY needs to step up their game. They offer DNG Raw, but no way to edit them and stitch. All these workarounds (i.e., needing to buy a VERY EXPENSIVE subscription of Mistika VR, or have an Android device that you can buy a “converter” app, etc) are garbage excuses. A company should not be putting out a product that it can’t support. Love the camera…but very aggravated that I cannot stitch raw files. I thought editing the DNG’s and then converting them to JPG would allow the PC app or perhaps the mobile app to be able to then stitch. No luck there. Is there a workaround for taking edited DNGs converted to JPG and stitching them later? What is special about the JPG out of camera that an edited version doesn’t have?

    Thanks for all of the info. Hoping I can solve this problem soon or better yet, Xiaomi/Madventure solve it.

  • Hi Mic Ty,

    Please Help!!
    I am unable to connect it to the app. The wifi gets disconnected immediately after connection. Unable to understand the problem. Initially the wifi name was showing as ‘QJXJ01FJ’ and it was getting connected to the app. Then the wifi name started displaying as ‘MJXJ-013048’ and it gets disconnected after 2-3 seconds of connection. I have not even used camera once, and the camera is not launched in my country so there are no support services. I bought the camera after watching your excellent review on Youtube.

    Kindly Help!!

  • You suggest the mi-sphere is useful for mapping. Does the GPS meta for the Mi-sphere come from a paired device like an android phone? And does the gps data contain compass direction ie a heading?

    • Hi Jon. Yes the GPS metadata requires it to be controlled by a phone. I’m not sure about compass heading. I will check!

  • First of all, extremely useful your comments.
    I learned a lot from you.
    But I made a video and just uploaded it to Youtube. Without using the metadata injector.
    Even injecting the metadata with the “Spatial Media Metadata Injector” the video was the same as the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYRmf8vOSc0

    I feel the video “catching”. I’m using a Micro Sd Extreme Pro 32gb.
    What can be for the video does not flow naturally?

    • Hi Rogerio. In the current version of the app, you don’t need metadata injector anymore.

      The video might not be smooth in your example because it was shot in low light so I think the camera used a slow shutter. Try it in normal conditions in daylight if that resolves the issue.

      Best regards,

      • It seems that during the day continues with the same problem
        I’m using a Xmiomi Redmi 5 and a Micro SD card Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB
        Do you think I can improve something in any configuration?
        There is also a Xiaomi Mi A1 (which one do you think is better)?

  • Hi, I received my camera 2 days ago from Hong-Kong and I was really happy, I did some pictures… Today camera bricked, it is turning on continuously like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHHLLwHadAU. I believe that there HAS to be a solution to reset it. I tried a factory reset, upgrading a firmware on SD card and… NOTHING. It is still continuously resetting. If I will send it back it will pass 2 months 🙂 Could you help me?

    • hi Piotr. Sorry to hear that! Pls post on facebook.com/groups/mijia360cam . And if you used my link, my GB rep will have access to your order and she can help you. Otherwise, she can’t access it.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Domenico. It tends to heat up a lot when you use the wi-fi. It can also heat up a lot if you use a slow micro SD card.

      Best regards,

    • From what I’ve understood and read so far, it’s especially hot if your SD card is slow.
      Not that this is the only reason, but it is one of the reasons.
      Mine too!

  • I’m using a Sandisk Extreme Pro card and ta, well I tested a Sandisk Extreme.
    In both cases, when I turn the camera on, a warning message appears on the card (I can not remember the message now, but it seems to indicate that the card is not ideal for 4K shooting).
    Question: Can it be a fake card? Because the two models are indicated by Xiaomi.
    2) A lower resolution photo, which resolution?

  • Hello,
    Can the app be downloaded to an iPad instead of iPhone to be able to download videos and pictures and edit on iPad instead of iPhone?

  • In my Mi 360 Camera the front lens is showing to me, when holding the camera with the power button on my left, so I can see the green light. How shall I change the front lens with the back one, so I can see on my iPhone what I am shooting towards, and not myself ?

  • HI there.
    Can this camera take standard photos too, ie front facing only or is it always in 360? It has a time lapse mode right?
    Thanks for your review

  • When I stitch a misphere video stitched with the (Windows) Desktop app the result is super-shaky. The same video stitched with the Android app is “stabilized”.

    * I assume the stabilization is done with gyro information that was recorded with the video. is this correct?
    * any idea why I don’t have this stabilization with the desktop app?

  • Thanks for your excellent information.

    Is it possible to add audio recorded on another device to the video recorded on the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360. The 360 camera is exposed to wind noise on mt paramotor and I am using a high quality wind shielded mic to record the audio on my phone.

    What editing software to you suggest?

    Thanks in advance,

  • hi I want to ask about the xiaomi sphere built-in battery. Is it good enough? what if the battery is getting bulged? can I replace it to the new one?

  • Finally got one! Quick question, how do you charge your Mi Sphere? By USB PC or by using an adaptive fast charging adapter? I’m very excited to start shooting 360 photos and videos. You and Ben got me into 360 and I can’t wait to start. I’m aiming shooting for the Google Trusted Photographer badge and will try to offer virtual tours.

  • before I buy, are there any rumors of a new version coming soon, since it’s been basically 1 year?

    • Hi Beakerzor. They are working on a new one but i dont know when it will be released. BUT please watch my youtube channel. I will be posting a video this week that you MUST see!

  • Please can someone help….the default storage path in my app is SD Card/Android/data/com.madv360.madv.sig which is a very odd place and difficult palce to find. How to i change the save location so they appear in my gallery. At the moment i have to open find files and seach for the folder…

    • Hi vinta. Bracketing only works for jpg. If you want to use raw, you can do a manual bracket using manual exposure or exposure compensation.
      Best regards,

  • Can the MiSphere shoot RAW in bracketing mode?

    I saw one video where they said it does, but then in your video comparing to Theta V, you seemed to have to switch out of RAW when bracketing.

      • All of a sudden my mi sphere camera does not show live preview anymore in my iphone in 360. I get flat image on my iphone using it as either photo or video. Is there a setting to see preview back iin 360. This just happened suddenly.

        • Does that mean you can’t see a live preview at all, or you do see a live preview except that it is flat? In the settings you can change how the live view is displayed and one option is equirectangular.

          Best regards,

          • Hey Mic,
            Thanks for your help. It now works. Indeed it was in settings. Thanks again and keep ip the good work. Love my Mii Sphere

          • Mic,
            One more thing, what is the Gps function for and how does it work. I see it in settings with different time intervals

  • Android 9 ??????? Just received Madventure 360 camera. Unfortunately the Madventure 360 app running on Google Pixel XL with Android 9 (the version that just came out this week) doesn’t seem to work. The WiFi connection is ok, but the app refuses to connect to the camera. I tried it on an LG G5 running Android 8 and it worked ok.

    Mic, thanks for 360 Rumors!

  • Hi Mic,
    Thanks for all the good 360 info.
    I have the Xiaomi Mi Sphere, that was working , but now it “connects but no internet” message, and “could not connect to network”
    Have formated card , Does it matter MJXJ or QJXJ ?

    • Hi Stacey. Sorry to hear that. Maybe you could try tweezers? Although I don’t know if that might damage the camera… Have you tried posting to the Mi Sphere group to see if Mi Sphere engineers have a suggestion?
      Best regards,

  • Is there any difference between the red Samsung Evo plus and the green Evo selct SD cards? Both are 100MB/s and UHS-1 U3.

  • Hi

    I foolishly bought this camera before having the knowledge that it required specific phones only. do you know if A, it can be used without a smartphone, B, there is an alternative app that can be used on a more broad spectrum of smartphones I have a Sony Xperia E3, and have had it less than a year and am unwilling to get another so soon. and how can you download onto a pc, and get your pc to recognize the camera at all as its not showing up on any of my searches.

    • Hi Michelle. Yes the Xiaomi can be used without a smartphone, although you will only be able to take photos and record videos in their automatic settings. You then take out the Micro SD card, put it into an SD card adapter and card reader connected to your PC. Copy all the files from the Micro SD card to your PC. Then you use the Mi Sphere desktop software to open those files then click on export. That’s it!

  • Just got my Xiaomi Sphere from GearBest. Battery completely flat (not good sign for LiIon). Charging it.
    What is normal charging time ?

    Any idea where I can pick up a replacement battery ?

    My cam came with a pouch, very soft inside. spring-steel at closure mechanism (like popular for wallets 20-30 years ago).

      • Hi Mic, all of a sudden when turning on camera both the camera and video symbol appear together and are stuck. I cannot toggle between them. Wifi button cannot be turned. I have the latest firrmware. Please help.

  • Hello there! When I try to export an 8 minute video to my phone i get the “not enough space available” message but I do have enough storage space on my iPhone. When I try the same with a 30 secs video, it does work. Is there a limit on how big the video can be in order to be able to export it ( stitching) in your iphone directly?


  • New to this stuff… Is it possible to use the “Mi Sphere Camera Kit” while charging / while connected to charger? Want to build sort of an 24/7 surveillance system…

    • Wow, having a lot of answers…
      1st: 128GB is not the limit – 400GB Sandisk Ultra works perfectly well
      2nd: Heat appears either while having a card which is not able to do ~30MBps sequential write
      while having WiFi enabled
      As you remember, I’d use this cam as a kind of a 7/24 system…
      However, your USB charging system needs to give 12V / 400mA

  • 1. Bought my Mi Sphere four weeks ago, knocked it on a hard surface today and the domed lens chipped.
    Any ideas where it can be fixed?
    2. Also, I tried saving photos in RAW (dng) but when I edited in PhotoShop they view as all-black pictures.
    What’s wrong?

    Thanks, Roy

    • Hi Roy. I’m sorry but it is not possible to fix a chipped lens.
      Re DNG photos, make sure you stitch them in the most recent version of Mi Sphere desktop app (available on Madv360.com)
      Best regards,

  • Hi 360ers,

    I’m testing the Mi Sphere bracketing for HDR merge in Lr and I’m getting weird results. The stitched images imported from the cam are not exactly the same. It seems like if the stitching algorithm is applying different lens perspective correction to every image.

    When I try to merge the images with HDR merge in Lr I can see a kind of ghosting.

    I’m currently shooting JPG.

    Have this happened to you?

  • Hi,

    I have purchased Mi Sphere about a week ago for our UK company but having issues with it.
    Firmware I have is

    1. You get visible ugly stitch when shoot indoor/outdoor and way to improve that?
    2. Mi Sphere automatically stitches images, how to download unstitched photos so I can use MiSphere Converter
    3. I can select 2 out of 3 resolutions, but I can’t select max resolution + RAW, it selects it but does not save/apply change

    Kind Regards

  • Hi Mic. I just got myself the Mija sphere 360 camera with the mi sphere selfie stick. Went out and did about 30mins of walking videos yesterday and found the footage to be horribly shaky. I thought this camera had good stabilization. I copied videos to laptop then used the desktop app to stitch with stabilization option ticked, then use insta360 for freecapture, but footage was so shaky…. is there anything I can do to improve this? Also, is there a gimble that you’d recommend that can be used with this camera as for the moment footage is practically un_useable.
    However, I haven’t upgraded the camera’s firmware yet because for some reason the wifi is also very unstable and erratic. Sometimes it connects, other times it doesn’t. Bit of a hit & miss so I didn’t want to upgrade firmware in case wifi gets disconnected while doing it. I’m thinking of doing the upgrade via the microSD card. Do you think once firmware is upgraded, stabilization may be better? Thanks. Kim

      • Thanks for the reply Mic. I’m doing more videos and the weirdest thing is the stabilization seems perfect sometimes and other times it feels as if it was going through an earthquake. I do long walking videos and try to keep each video clip at around 10-15mins. usually within each clip there would be around 4-5mins of perfect video, then all of a sudden it shakes for a few minutes, then would be OK again. Sometimes these shakes and wobbles are really bad, then it’d stop and be OK again. I can’t yet figure out why some parts would be perfect and at other times it is so bad. Otherwise I really like the picture and video image quality. It is colour perfect and true to life.

        • Kim,

          When you turn on the device, make sure it’s upright for 5 to 10 s before starting to shot video.

          the gyro needs to warm up and need to be in the upright position when powering up.


  • I started getting a mechanical buzzing noise in the last few weeks. It only happens when recording a video, and it ruins the audio of any video, even in a louder setting. I tried factory resetting, downgrading and upgrading to various firmware versions, and a few other things, but the buzzing is still there.

    I’m guessing some capacitor or other electrical part has started to malfunction and is causing the noise. If I press my ear up to the camera, I can hear it very clearly when recording a video. The noise stops as soon as the video recording ends, and toggling various settings do nothing (wifi, speaker buzzer volume, etc).

    It’s too bad that I can’t use this for video anymore. I’ve only had it a little over a year and it’s been great. Just wish it had some sort of warranty or repair ability in the U.S., but I bought it from GearBest over a year ago, so I doubt I’d be able to get anything fixed on it now.

    I wish I could jump into getting an Insta 360 One X, but I can’t justify paying several hundred dollars after the first one died relatively quickly.

    • I’m having the same video buzzing problem with my Madventure360 (essentially the identical camera) . At 6 months old, my camera falls within the 12 month warranty period. I’ve written to them to request service, but I’m not sure if the Madventure company is more than an empty shell, eg last Facebook entry in late 2017, last web page update 2016, no longer a chat line, etc.

  • Is there any way that you can reduce the time lag between when you press the fire button on the dedicated Xiaomi remote stick or pressing the button on your iPhone when using the App to when the camera actually takes a picture ? There is about a second delay at the moment. Also is there a way of taking a burst of pictures rather than just a single image ?

  • Hello there, have you ever received reports that Mi Sphere Camera has a audio clipping issue? I recorded some loud guitar and drum sounds with it and the audio quality is obviously worse than my older LG 360 CAM. It would be nice if you can direct me to some 360 cam comparison on the sound quality department. Thank you!

  • Hi guys. I would like to know how to disassemble my xiaomi my sphere 360 camera, the Power and wifi buttons are locked. Thank you!

    • Hi Gergo. In my app when i switch to raw and go back to main shooting screen it uses raw. Are you sure it is not saving? Can you do bracketing? If you cant do bracketing it means you are in raw mode

      • Hi Mic Ty,
        When I go back to main settings screen it uses raw. I closed the app after that I open it. The selected photo mode is the default jpg instead of raw. The app do not remember this setting (and for example Timer and Internal shooting too).

        • My camera works fine, saves the settings for when next powered on.
          Has the latest firmware been installed? You mention just bought the camera so do the update then let us know. Best regards.

          • There is an old firmware. When I tried to update it, the camera became a brick so I don’t want to try again.

          • Update – means use a newer firmware, not older one. I did say use latest.
            Perhaps confirm the revision you are using? Thanks

  • HELP! Many users have the same problem for which there STILL isn’t a simple answer:-

    1. save double-fisheye photo on camera (DNG or JPG) (in settings – no option to save both especially
    when bracketing ….)
    2. connect cable to camera and download everything.
    3a. edit DNG or JPG and output keeping all relevant metadata (why is this so important, but it is !?!? ).
    3b. here’s the main issue – stitch resulting double-fisheye.

    My Mi Sphere desktop software simply doesn’t work for 3b.
    Only stitching I can do is from the camera fisheye pair but results are poor (as everyone
    has noticed).

    Many thanks, Roy

  • I have been using this camera to document my trips in 360 video and photos, I bought the camera Nov 2017 and were really impressed with the results.
    I see now the battery life has been getting shorter due to usage and I’m afraid it will require replacing the battery soon.
    If no possibility to replace, then this camera is a disposable item and kind of an expensive toy to only be in service for such time (currently around 22 months). If this is the case, I will have to jump wagon to another brand for the 5.7K 360 upgrade I’m eyeing.

  • I like this camera. I’m having lots of fun with it, and thank you for this website; It’s a lot of work. Yesterday my Mi Sphere camera stopped downloading images from the camera to my iPhone. I’ve rebooted my iPhone and re-downloaded the Mi Sphere app, as well as the Madventure app. In addition I’ve I’ve updated the software and operating system on my iPhone; after the problem started. I’ve reset the camera to factory default so I’ve tried a number of procedures to resolve the problem but to no avail. Do you have any suggestions? Everything else with the camera works it just won’t allow me to download the pictures without ripping the images from the Micro SD card with another device. Thank you and everyone that replies in advance.

    • Thanks Zach! sorry to hear about the downloading issues. I heard someone else who had them too (his camera was working previously). perhaps it’s a bug in the app. I suggest posting to facebook.com/groups/mijia360

        • Below is what posted on Facebook. It seems that they will update the firmware to solve the problem. I will wait till tomorrow

          Hello Everyone, the newest firmware can solve the 👉“couldn’t download” 👈 bug, download link as follows FYI: 👉https://www.dropbox.com/s/nkt23mb91d45fzu/a12_fw_for_upgrade_1. 👈.

          The same time our testing team are testing it, it is expected to release tomorrow if no any problem. And our official website will update all newest firmware and software there too tomorrow. Have a nice day, thanks for your supporting!

          Update firmware from SD card:
          IMPORTANT: Please be sure to have enough battery power before upgrading.
          Do not stop the upgrade after it starts or you can brick your device!

          1) Insert the SD card into the card reader of your computer.

          2) Go to https://www.dropbox.com/s/nkt23mb91d45fzu/a12_fw_for_upgrade_1.

          3) Download the firmware and rename the .zip file to “MadvSysFW.zip”.

          CAUTION: If your system is set to hide files extensions by default, you should end with a file named MadvSysFW.

          4) Copy the upgrade firmware “MadvSysFW.zip” to the “update” directory of your SD card.
          If it is the first camera update, you maybe will need to create the “update” directory.

          5) Delete any other file that could be on “update” directory.

          6) Insert the SD card into the camera.

          7) With camera OFF, keep pressing the WIFI button and short click the Power button.

          8) While the Photo and Video LEDs starts flashing, release the WIFI button.

          9) Wait for the firmware update completes.
          Once the firmware update completes, the buzzer will be activated, then the camera will be shut off.

          10) After the camera is switched on, it will restart once automatically.


    • Me too! App has suddenly decided not to download any files, whether I choose DNG or JPG . What’s happened???

  • I am unable to download my images from my madventure to my cell phone via the app. Previously with the same phone I had no issues. When I click download I get the refresh button that also doesnt work. Please help

    • Hi Ashley,

      Looks like Mic took care of this one for you. I had the same problem a short time ago but it was remedied with the update. Follow his link for the update, then connect with your camera and your problem should be solved. Good luck!

  • I bought MiSphere Converter specifically to stitch raw photos. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on many phones, including mine. 😦

    • Sorry to hear that. When you say it doesnt work, you mean you were able to install it but sharing dng to it has no effect? Or what happens?

  • Is it possible to “flip” the footage using the Mi sphere, at the moment I start the Mi the right way up & then turn it “upside down” & start record, when my footage comes out it shows it being upside down, I can move it to the right way up manually but would like it to start this way without having to do this.

    • Hi Mike. Have you updated your firmware and app? That used to be an issue but it was fixed a couple of years ago.

      • Yes I updated the firmware, I’ve managed to find the answer to my question, it seems I have to turn the Mi on & wait a few seconds before I turn it upside down, tried it & it worked, my new problem now is when I pan the camera the footage just stays pointing in the original direction instead of panning with the camera, any ideas Mic?

  • While trying to update my Xiaomi Mi Sphere the camera seems stuck in the “Installing Firware” phase (for several HOURS now!!).
    PLEASE: can someone tell me what to do? Should I just let the battery run dead???

    • I think the firmware update failed. See the mi sphere faq for what to do if the firmware update fails.

  • Don’t know what I am doing wrong, cannot connect my new PC ( i5 8th gen 8g ram nvidia GeForce ) to Mi Sphere. Downloaded the Mi Sphere cam app for PC, camera has the latest firmware v 1.10.20. Connected to the camera wifi but no connection to the app, just browes files and export & transcode available.
    Hope you can help, the android app seems to be working fine. Many thanks.

    • Hi Peter. The PC cannot control the camera wirelessly. If you want to connect control the Mi Sphere wirelessly, please use the smartphone app. To connect the PC to the Mi Sphere, please use a USB cable. Best regards, Mic

  • Hi, I just contacted Xiaomi and am waiting to hear back…

    In the mean time, does anyone here at 360Rumors.com know if the lens of a Mi Sphere 360 can be replaced? Mine took a minor tumble, and one of the lenses got the brunt. Any advice on the topic would be useful. Id hate to have to replace the entire camera (out of warranty).

    Thanks. *And badass website you’ve built here @360Rumors.com. Cheers!

    • Thanks JWood! It is possible to replace the Mi Sphere lens but it is very expensive and uneconomical. You may as well get a GoPro Fusion or something.

  • Hey. Have some problem with Time-lapse recording on Mi Sphere. I put one photo on 60 sec, and in result I got only 3 sec of time-lapse. Any solution ??

    • Hi Tarik. It is possible that it ran out of battery. Try it again with a full charge. If you still have the problem, please post this issue in the Mi Sphere group on facebook.

  • Are they still working on the next version of this camera? If so, can you provide any updates on an expected release date?

    • They supposedly had been but are no longer working with xiaomi. I believe the madv team is stuck. Otherwise they would already have released one.

  • Hi Mic,

    I just received my fresh new Mi Sphere 360 but when i switch it on, it seems to not properly starting up as here’s what happens :

    1° unit beeps and both photo & video blue icons stays visible for a while together (like +/- 30 sec)
    2° then only the video icon remains for a short time (+/- 5 sec)
    3° then both photo & video icons keeps flashing together, also for a short time
    4° then it goes back to 1°

    And this keeps cycling just like if startup was looping forever… :/

    I tried switching to photo mode by short pressing power-on button after 2°, it briefly displayed photo icon in blue for a short while but then went to 3° etc again
    If i try pressing the shutter button, it also goes to 3°
    I tried with & without SD card inserted with the same result. I also tried 2 differents SD cards (64 & 128 Gb) which works perfectly in other devices.

    I’ve already managed a fw upgrade as per instructions found here http://www.madv360.com/en/appstore/firmware but it unfortunately didn’t help.

    Did i miss something or is there any hard reset procedure that i could try ?

    Thanks a lot for your help…

  • I have an iPhone 6s Plus with 64Gigs (a little over half is free space) and the 128G SSD suggested for the madventure. When I attempt to stitch videos it fails 100% of the time on the camera. If I download them into the phone then attempt to stitch them it states there is not enough space. I have deleted everything except a few seconds in length videos and still unable to stitch them. Is this a software issue? Are there any fixes?