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V360 free 360 video editing app for iOS updated to add titles and credits

V360 for iOS adds titles and credits
V360 for iOS adds titles and credits

V360 is a free 360 video editing app for both iOS and Android.  The iOS version has now been updated to enable you to add titles and credits to your 360 video.

V360 was the first 360 video editor, the first to have both an Android and iOS version.  They were also the first to add a title feature to their mobile 360 video editing app, which was added to their Android version two months ago.

As an aside, adding titles to 360 videos can be a little tricky.  Even Adobe Premiere Pro and Cyberlink ActionDirector don’t have a built-in feature for adding 360 titles and instead use only the simple approach, which is just to put text near the horizon of the equirectangular video.  However, that simple approach makes the text curved, which may or may not be what you want.

Now V360 has added title and credits feature to the iOS version of their app as well.  Here’s the demo and tutorial shared by 360:

Adding the title is as simple as clicking on the text icon and typing your title.  You can choose the font, the background (either a blurred frame of the video, or a simple black background), the color tint for the background, and whether there will be a border.   The title appears as a separate segment on the timeline, and it will show for a few seconds before the video starts (you can change the duration from 1 to 5 second).

V360 has other editing capabilities such as adding music, trimming your clips, and assembling them into a montage.  It is available as a free download for iOS or Android.

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